Mar 04

Do you have a boy that loves murder mysteries, danger, adventure, and the idea of being one of the richest people in the world? Well he might just love this month’s book. This month we are excited to share The Boundless. The Boundless is written by Kenneth Oppel and just might be the. Perfect pager turner for a boy looking for adventure, who isn’t afraid to be a little frightened and placed on the edge of his seat.

It all begins with a young boy, Will, and his Dad. While away on a trip Will’s Dad witnesses an accident involving the railroad Baron. In a rush he saves the Baron from certain death. The Baron takes his new friend and his son in. When the a Baron passes away later he leaves his entire railroad company and his fortune to Will’s Dad. The Boundless is the longest train car procession ever. It is beginning its maiden trip around the world from sea to sea. Will is excited, but he has a lot on his mind. He has decided to go to Art School after he graduates, but his Dad is expecting him to become a business man and work for the railroad. When he tells his Dad they have a terrible fight. In his anger he storms off and witnesses a horrible crime… Murder. Someone is attempting to break in to the funeral car, which currently houses the coffin of the deceased Baron, which is rumored to carry fortunes and gold untold. Will witnesses the thieves attempting to steal the keys, and they are prepared to kill to get their treasure. Soon Will is on the adventure of a lifetime trying to escape the crazy thieves, some strange circus folk, and the evil brakeman on the train.

Your boys will be on the ride of their lives with The Boundless. The story is filled with themes of courage, independence, and fairness. It is sure to impress and impart a little wisdom along the way.


Mar 01

In February we made our annual trip to Las Vegas to check out the incredible brands at Magic! We met new Brands, Designers, and saw lots of great new styles. If you are a follower on our Instagram account you might have seen some of our photos. If you aren’t a follower, you should be! We love to post little tidbits of our daily activity, including sharing pictures of our new items. While at Magic we shared some fun snapshots of the world of Magic!

We saw some amazing new looks from some of our favorite brands at Magic. We saw great new looks from Appaman, Mulberribush, and Wes and Willy. And we are very excited to bring some of the new looks later this season. We also got to meet a new brand Rowen Christian Couture! This fun brand was created to show the world that our boys matter too, and they deserve fun clothes as much as our girls do. Created after twin brothers Rowen and Christian, the brand features fun and tough looks for spectacular boys. We got to meet them and they are definitely two of the cutest brand reps we have seen!

This season we are also excited to bring Troy James Boys Accessory Collection to The Boy’s Store! This fun brand features incredible accessories for boys 0-6 years, and we are very excited to bring you some of their fun items this year. So look forward to some great scarves, bow ties, belts, and suspenders soon!

We had a great time at Magic and cannot wait to bring you some great new items at The Boy’s Store!

Feb 27

If you receive one of our newsletters each month then you already know that we are very proud to start bringing international shipping to our store this year. We love our customers, near and far, and are very excited to take this next big step. We are very happy to reach out and work with customers all over the world now with the help of our new partners ExpressFromUs.

Our new partnership with ExpressFromUs lets us ship internationally from the state of Delaware here in the US. With the help of ExpressFromUs we can ship directly to 250 countries worldwide. This will help us to bring our fun products to people all over the world. Because the warehouse that ships these items is based in Delaware there is no sales tax on international items, because Delaware does not have sales tax all items ship without the sales tax.

So how do you ship internationally with us? When you are shopping and adding items to your cart simply click “international checkout.” All your items will be available for international checkout. You can pay by major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) as well as PayPal, Western Union, and Bank transfer options available. However, you cannot pay with our The Boy’s Store Gift-cards for international orders. Shipping rates are calculated by ExpressFromUs and you can use their special calculator on the homepage. Just as with domestic shipping you have several shipping options:

USPS Priority Express: 4-12 days.
USPS Priority: 15-25 days.
USPS First Class: 18-30 days.
Delivery time may exceed the estimated time specified at the time of checkout for rural or remote international destinations, or due to delays in customs clearance procedures.

All items shipped internationally are finals sale items, unfortunately you cannot return or exchange an item shipped internationally so when you are ordering double check your sizes and color options.

We are very excited to bring this new option to our store and we hope all of you are too! Check it all out now at The Boy’s Store!¬†


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