Jul 28

Sometimes life hands us lemons and we get a little down. You never know what will be the thing that puts you or your kids in a bad mood. Maybe they had a hard day at school. Maybe they missed a question on a test they thought they knew. Maybe their friends didn’t include them in something fun. No matter what brings a kid down you can always help bring them back up again. All you need is a little sunshine and a fun idea.

After having my own bad week I thought that both my kids and I could use something fun to cheer us up. That was when I got online to find some new fun activities to cheer us up and I found this incredible blog. mattyangel.com is a blog written and conceived by Matty a 25 year old from New Zealand. Matty is an extraordinary woman, she is an artist, poet, writer, and optimist. She also suffers from Autism, but does she let it stop her from creating, dreaming, and having a great time? Nope! As I said we were having a hard week at my house and seeing this website really inspired me. We do all have bad days, we all have bad things happen to us, but should we let that be the only thing that colors our world? No way! We should all take a moment to look around at the great things in the world, we might just find that we have way more blessings than curses. Matty is determined to do that everyday, and even shares some of those ideas for doing so with her readers. We want to share this great idea, a fun twist on hopscotch that will get everyone laughing and jumping along!!


Out of This World Hopscotch

What You Will Need:

Sidewalk or driveway
A few friends
A good attitude!

What You Will Do:

Go crazy and have fun with this hopscotch game. Write fun alternatives to the typical hopping game. Make everyone do something fun and crazy like jump, turn in a circle, hop on one foot, skip, sing, dance, touch your toes, walk like a dinosaur.
The possibilities are endless. You and your friends will be laughing and having a great time in no time at all. There’s no way you can be in a bad mood while playing this game!

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Jul 25

A little monster is having a birthday in our house, and as a theme we went Monsters Inc. crazy. Monsters are taking over our house, and now my sewing room because we wanted to go big or go home with our goodie bags so we chose to create little stuffed monsters that each child could adopt and take home. You may think it sounds a bit crazy and involved, but it really wasn’t too bad, and it is incredibly fun and unique for the kids. Here is a quick and simple tutorial if you want to give it a try at home!

What You Will Need:

Felt (multiple colors)
Sewing machine
Straight pins
Fabric or craft glue


1. Begin with a piece of paper, fold it in half, then draw a monster figure on it using the fold as the starting place so that when it opens it is symmetrical.
2. Cut out the template for the monster. Now take two pieces of felt and place them one on top of the other. Pin the template to the top. Now cut out the template on the felt. Remove template and leave the two felt pieces pinned together, this will form the front and back of the body.
3. Now use your sewing machine to sew the front to the back. Sew all around the edges of the material, but leave the bottom of the monster open so you can stuff it. When you have all but the bottom sewn shut reverse the monster, turn it inside out, so that the seam is hidden inside.
4. Now you can stuff the monster. Stuff the monster and then use your needle and thread to close the bottom of the monster.
5. Finally you can cut out a face. Make as many eyes as you want, white circles with black pupils. Then cut a mouth. You can use craft or fabric glue to adhere the face to the monster. Allow it to dry and now you have an adorable, or scary, monster doll!


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Jul 22

Wouldn’t you love to have your very own pet dinosaur? Dinosaurs’s are some of the coolest animals a boy can ever love, of course it can be a little more difficult to find a dinosaur at the pet shop. They aren’t exactly on the most adopted list at the shelter. But that doesn’t stop our boys from wanting them. Well we have an answer for you, have you ever heard of a pet rock? We have a similar idea. Instead of a pet rock, how about a pet paper craft. A pet DINOSAUR paper craft.

Spoonful has a delightful dinosaur paper craft that will help your kids design and build their very own paper pet dinosaur. Spoonful is a spectacular site run by the Disney corporation. We always love sharing their crafts because they are usually very simple to follow and are lots of fun to play with.

For this paper craft pet dinosaur all you need is a printer, the dinosaur template, and some imagination!

What You Will Need:

Dinosaur template
Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

You have three incredibly fun and cool templates to choose from. Do your boys prefer Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs, Stegosaurus Dinosaurs, or Triceratops dinosaurs? Pick your favorite and get printing. Then color your dinosaur and make him as awesome as possible, then follow the instructions and glue him together. You don’t even have to remember to fee him! Just enjoy his paper perfect company!

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