Oct 19

Hoodies are a must-have for those Autumn months. The chill in higher air is the perfect accessory when you are sporting a fun, comfortable, and warm hoodie. The Boy’s Store knows that boys love their hoodies, that is why we offer several different styles to choose from, with lots of brands and different sizes available. Hoodies are a simple solution to a myriad of problems, col, wind, and rain. They are easy to wear, easy to wash, and they are comfortable. Boys love to slip on a hoodie in the fall and winter months instead of being stuck in a big and often times uncomfortable jacket or coat. So if you are looking for a simple solution to the weather this fall look no further than The Boy’s Store for some awesome, comfortable, and stylish new hoodies.

Muscle Car Zip Hoodie by Dogwood: this chambray colored hoodie features a zipper for easy use. The front and back feature an awesome muscle car graphic that will race after any boys heart. Dogwood does run slightly big in sizing so you may want one size smaller than usual. Available in sizes 4-14/16.


Tiger Zip Hoodie by Dogwood: this wild orange zip hoodie features a tiger print on the front and back. Tigers are strong, intelligent, and beautiful creatures. Boys and girls of all ages admire the strength and beauty of the tiger. This hoodie is both strong and beautiful and will impress any animal loving boy. Dogwood runs slightly big so you may want one size smaller than usual. Available in sizes 4-14/16.


Dino Hoodie by City Threads: this green and blue hoodie is almost prehistoric in its comfort and style. The hood features a dinosaur-like appearance with its green spikes. Now your little man can be a little Dino. City Threads runs true to size. Available in sizes 2T-8.


Touchdown Zip Hoodie by CR Sport: this grey, blue and yellow zip hoodie is definitely a touchdown waiting to happen. It features a football graphic that will impress any sports fan. Made of 100% cotton it is the ultimate comfort hoodie. CR Sport runs small so order one size larger than usual. Available in sizes 4-7.


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Oct 16

IMG_0834.JPGHalloween is a fun and sweet holiday. It’s all about laughter, fun, make believe, and sweet treats. We don’t eat a lot of sweet treats in our house so Halloween is a special event where we get to have some great cookies, cakes, and candy that we usually don’t allow our children. We don’t quite let them go hog wild, but when we attend a party they are allowed to sample a little of everything, we just make sure to eat a good meal before we head out to the party. This year it is our turn to host and we are looking forward to making some delicious sweet treats for all of our friends. I like to find new and unique things to try that our friends have probably never samples before, so I was excited when I ran across this fun new recipe at See Vanessa Craft.

Vanessa is a crafter, baker, blogger, and toddler Mommy. She knows good treats. Her tutorial on Oreo Nutella Witch Hat Cookies almost made me swoon. It requires no baking, just some chocolate spreading, sprinkling, and drying. Simple, straight forward, and delicious! Vanessa knows her way around great crafts and baked goods and if you spend more than five minutes on here page you will find more than a dozen new ideas you can’t wait to try. I had to restrain myself and only pay attention to the tutorial for the cookies otherwise I would have never left the website. If you want to find other great ideas head on over to See Vanessa Craft now.

These cookies are so adorable and sweet it is almost impossible to only use them one time a year, but I am not so sure witch hats will be popular outside of October. So I will try to only make them once, but if they taste as good as I think they will it will be incredibly hard to restrain myself. Combining Oreos and Nutella may just be my personal heaven in a cookie. So let’s check out what we need to get started:

What You Will Need:

Black Chocolate Melts
Orange & Black Nonpareils
Parchment Paper
Floral Foam

Now just head on over to See Vanessa Craft and follow her easy instructions. Her pictures make it a little simpler to follow and soon you will be serving up some sweet witches hats. Just remember to try and eat them in moderation, I will try too!

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Oct 13

IMG_0833.JPGEvery day we work hard for our family. Whether we work full-time, part-time, or full-time with no breaks as stay-at-home moms we are always going, working, thinking, caring, and helping everyone but ourselves. Which is usually ok with us, it’s what moms do, we were built for it. But after a while it can wear you down. You find yourself more tired than usual, getting sick easier, you find you just don’t have the patience for things you normally do. It’s called mommy burnout. We all suffer from it from time to time. It can be very hard to overcome, especially since the only way to remedy it is to take time for ourselves and recharge. I don’t know about you guys but I have an especially hard time taking time for me. I always feel like the re is something else I should be doing. Someone who needs me, something that needs to be done. I also frequently will leave things that I want or need off our list of things we need to do in favor of doing or getting something for someone else like my kids, my hubby, my parents, even the dogs! But after a particularly bad burnout period this last year I decided it was time to take care of myself. So I have devoted time every day to just me and I spend my time sweating and taking care of myself. Workout!

I hate the gym, I hate feeling as if I am on display, I can never find a way to get there everyday, and I hate the smell. I have always enjoyed being active but usually from the comfort of my own home or out in the great outdoors. Recently I have taken up doing circuit workouts, running, and cardio dance workouts. I alternate them during the week, sometimes gauging how much time I have for my workout that day due to other priorities, but I always do at least one workout a day 5 days a week. The kids are at school, or playing in the other room, sometimes they actually do the workout with me. My kids especially love the circuit workout because they can help lift small weights, but they love to dance too.

I found some incredibly easy to follow and fun Denise Austin workouts on YouTube for free. They make it easy for me to do my workout during the day when I can and it doesn’t cost me an expensive gym membership, gas, or child care. The BeFit Channel on YouTube is full of fun easy workouts that are relatively short and can be done at home. Which is great for busy moms that need to take the time to take care of themselves.

I do these workouts so that I am stronger, fitter, and healthier, it is my one hour or 30 minutes of me time. My quiet time to shut off my brain, recharge, and think of only me. It keeps me healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I can give up my daily struggles and my schedule for a short time and focus on nothing but me. I listen carefully and follow instructions while breathing and finding some quiet place within. It feels great. Now I have the patience and energy to chase around my busy brood day in and day out. I have even found that I have more energy and strength to chase my kids, participate in their outdoor activities, I can carry more things in when I bring in the groceries, I am not winded climbing the stairs everyday, and yes I even feel better about myself. I feel stronger, more confident, and more comfortable in my own skin. As a woman that always struggled with self-confidence issues it makes me feel good that I can feel good in my own skin. Since I am a role-model for all of my kids I am glad they are seeing me take the time to take care of myself. They don’t see me complaining about my appearance, or refusing to eat something because it will go to my hips. They see me working hard, hitting goals, and trying. I am not only taking time for myself I am showing them how to do things for themselves, take care of huge selves, be strong, confident, and not give up. It is important to remember that they watch everything we do, so if they see us wearing ourselves that thin they will think it is normal and do it as well. So think about finding a way to take some time for yourself, everyday, you need it, you deserve it.

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