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We LOVE our customers. After all, we wouldn’t be anything without you. So we want to help you, help us!

Our store strives to offer the best brands and styles for boys. But we can’t do that without being able to search for those brands, reach out to them, and bring their inventory to you. One of the ways we do that is by promising them that they will reach a lot of customers through our store. Well to do that we need your help. We need to grow bigger. Growing means reaching more customers. To do that we need your help.

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Each month we will randomly select five people to receive a gift card! The value of the gift cards (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, 31 Flavors) will be anywhere from $5 to $25 each.

In order to qualify for a gift card, you must have purchased from us in the past (each entry will be verified). Winners will be picked each month and will be contacted via email.  Gift cards will be issued electronically and emailed as soon as they are claimed and confirmed.

We reserve the write to delete offensive and obvious spam entries as well as correct any egregious spelling errors.

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SALE: First Big Sale of 2017

Last year we were proud to achieve our ten year anniversary. This year we are planning to keep going and not look back! We are proud to offer you amazing boys styles, and are incredibly proud to have been able to do so for the past ten years. This year marks our 11th year, and we want you to know that we won’t ever stop bringing you the best styles for your boys!  #boyshavestyletoo

First big sale of 2017

That is why we will continue to offer you the best looks and we will always do our best to bring you the best prices, the best customer service, and the best deals. That means SALES. So here it is, as promised, our first big sale of the year. Hurry in now and get all of your favorite brands like Appaman, City Threads, Babymio, CR Sport, Wes and Willy and many, many, more on sale.

On Day 1 of the sale you can get 45% off sitewide!

On Day 2 of the sale you can get 35% off sitewide!

On Day 3 of the sale you can get 25% off site wide!

Use the promo 1stBigSale17 for the discount

You will not want to miss this sale. It all starts TODAY so hurry in now to use that promo!


Star Wars: The Death of Princess Leia

At the end of last year Star Wars fans we dealt some terrible news, Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia died suddenly. Many of us grew up watching the Star Wars Trilogy, in fact many of us have shared it with our children. Now that Disney has picked up the franchise and it creating a new trilogy for the current generation all of the old favorites have made a comeback. Including Princess Leia. Many were reintroduced to the remarkable princess, fighter, and rebel in her new role– General Leia Organa. No longer just a princess she has continued in her pursuit for justice, for the empire, and for her family in her new role leading the rebel army.

death of princess leia

Princess Leia was no pushover. She may have been a princess, she may have been a girl in a white dress, but she was the hope of an empire, and she did not disappoint. As a young girl I idolized Princess Leia. She made it okay to want to be a princess, because she wasn’t just a girl waiting to be rescued, she did the rescuing. She gave as much as she got in the original trilogy. She fought right alongside the boys, and when Han Solo was taken captive and imprisoned in carbonate she braved danger to rescue HIM.

Princess/General Leia Organa was not just a role model for girls, she was a role model for boys too. It is important for girls to see other girls in roles that demand leadership, power, strength, intelligence, and bravery. But it is just as important for young boys to see women in those roles. Leia was all of that and more. And her importance in the empire will go on with her role becoming ever more important in Episode VIII this December. But what she has brought to kids, adults, and movie lovers everywhere is a heroine that we will never forget. And we shouldn’t. So tonight try watching some Star Wars with your kids and show them the incredible heroes of all genders in a series that teaches us that everyone deserves to be free, to be seen, and to live without transgressions from girls, to boys to alien creatures.