The Boy’s Store: Halloween Gear

That spooky time of year is coming, ghouls and goblins will roam the streets begging for candy very soon. Kids are huge fans of Halloween, as if that is surprising? But a lot of parents are too. We love Halloween at our house, and I am not ashamed to admit my kids are already wearing Halloween pajamas, clothes, socks, and the house is decorated. Please don’t kill the messenger. But we already have Halloween stocked at The Boy’s Store too! Your little ghouls can find Halloween gear such as spooky tees, socks, and legwarmers to brighten their holiday this season.

Did you know that Halloween is the second most talked about, shopped for, and beloved holiday next to only Christmas? But it is just such a fun and carefree holiday and everyone can get involved. So hurry on over to The Boy’s Store to check out some of the ghoulish gear that your boys can sport all month long. Some of your favorite brands feature fun Halloween apparel including Appaman, Huggalugs, Wes and Willy, Country Kids, Tumbleweed, Jefferies Socks, Kai Bean, and City Threads.

Here are few pictures of our Halloween selections

Halloween gear - boys shirt

Halloween gear - mummy shirt

Halloween gear - leg warmers

Book Review : Yell Less, Love More

Parenting can be hard. We try so hard to be the best, be the ones to be that model parent you see on television. But it doesn’t always go that way. We aren’t all super parents, we cannot be perfect. We are human. I have had a hard time coming to terms with that. As a busy mom I find myself sometimes trying to do it all and then berating myself, and my kids, when it doesn’t go the way I imagine it going. So here I am ready to share my story. I am a mom, and I yell.

My father was a “yeller” when I was a kid. My mother was not. She always had this calm manner about her, even when disciplining us. I thought that was incredible. I thought that would be me. But I did not take after my mother, I too after my father.  I yelled at my daughter in front of a friend one day, and she told me about a book that had helped her stop yelling at her kids. I was intrigued. So I picked one up, Yell Less, Love More: How the Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her kids and How you Can Too! This book and its 30-day guide was going to be my lifesaver. I am now 10 days in going strong. But let me tell you. It has been way more than 10 days.

Yell less, love more

The author Sheila McCraith shares her own story of being a “yeller” she also gives incredibly useful tips (and some incredibly not useful ones at least for me)  for keeping that yelling voice at bay. She recommends starting over every time you slip and yell. I have, three times. But each time I have gone a little further without yelling. I have discovered that not yelling is mostly about me, it is about how calm and ready I am to handle my day, my kids, and my own temper. My kids do not provoke me. I am escalating my own anger. It can be escalated by impatience and a bad day, but that is not my children’s fault. So why should I let them bear the brunt of my frustrations? Sheila is helping me to let go of that, and I am hoping to make it to the full 30-days soon. In the mean time this book is helping me to develop a belt full of tools to make yelling a little easier to let go. Check it out if you have some of the same issues, or know someone who does. It is indeed a useful tool. Feel free to join the movement and learn more about it here and learn to “yell less, love more”.

Apple Pie Playdough: Sensory Crafts

Are you looking for some fun sensory crafts for your little ones? Sensory activities are important for early learning development since they teach children  about the world around them through their senses. Children under the age of 3 love sensory activities, they are even an excellent teaching tool for children with developmental delays. Sensory activities and crafts span many different levels and can be used to teach, comfort, or interact with your kids.

One great sensory activity is the use of playdough. Playdough can be molded, shaped, smelled, and squished. It is also incredibly simple to make.

Apple Pie Playdough

What You Will Need:

2 cups baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)

1 cup corn flour (corn starch / mazina)

1.5 cups water

1 Table Spoon vegetable Oil

Red Food Coloring

1 Tablespoon cinnamon + 1 Tablespoon All spice (cake spice / Christmas spice)

What You will do:

  1. Add all the ingredients to a pot.
  2. If you would like to add food coloring – add it to the water before you start cooking – it is so much easier this way – rather than kneading in at the end!
  3. Stir well before cooking. The corn flour will initially be hard to stir, but it will all come together and turn into a runny liquid.
  4. Put it onto the stove and cook until it turns into a thick mush – and becomes really hard to stir.
  5. It will still be a little more sticky than the play dough will end up once it is cooled and kneaded.
  6. Set aside for a few minutes and knead when cool enough to touch.
  7. At this point if you would like to add an apple pie scent – then add in the spice and knead further.

Now you can add cookie cutters, rollers, pipe cleaners, and other items that can be poked through, stuck in, or will cut in to the dough to let your kids explore the ways in which the dough can be used. Enjoy!