May 28

This spring weather has inspired us to find some incredibly cool crafts that will help your boys understand the beauty of spring. Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth. Nothing embodies this more than the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. Every spring hundreds of thousands of caterpillars make that amazing transition from crawly caterpillar to beautiful flying butterfly. The transition isn’t instantaneous but it sure is amazing. 


Caterpillars have captivated the world for centuries because of their incredible transition from wormlike caterpillars to flying butterflies. Now thanks to Danielle’s Place an incredible craft corner you and your kids can highlight this amazing metamorphosis in a craft. This craft is incredibly cool and unique. Not only does it show the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, it also allows you to show it again and again. 

What You Will Need:


Mini Jumbo Craft Sticks -4.5″ – Use good quality craft sticks that lay flat. The 5/8″ work perfect with the one-inch tape.


3M Scotch Masking Tape, 1-Inch


Pom poms


Chenille Stems


Acrylic Paint, Permanent Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils – (The washable markers don’t work well because they smear.)


Tacky Glue


10mm Wiggly Eyes



What You Will Do: 



Head on over to Danielle’s Place for the full tutorial. This tutorial is amazing and will give you step by step instructions and includes photos. Hurry on over to get started now.  

May 25


The Boy’s Store loves bringing you new looks and this spring and summer we have some fabulous new looks for bedtime. Just because you are going to sleep in them does not mean they shouldn’t be fun and stylish. Sara’s prints are fun boy-centric pajamas that your boys will love. After all what boy doesn’t love to imagine he is a fireman, or can run with the ever-ferocious dinosaurs? With the help of Sara’s Prints your boys can drift of to dreamland with visions of themselves as courageous heroes and dinosaur tamers.


Sara’s Prints Boys Dinosaur Pajama Set: this fun green and white short sleeve and shorts pajamas set will be perfect for warmer weather. If you have a wild and ferocious boy that fancies himself a dinosaur, or dinosaur enthusiast he will love these comfortable pajamas. They will help him off to dreamland every night with the greatest of ease.




Sara’s Prints Boys Fireman Pajama Set: these red and white shirt sleeve and shorts pajamas set is another great look for a boy in search of an adventure. Sleep shouldn’t be boring, it is the most. Exciting and adventurous time of the day. That’s when dreams become reality. Does your little man dream of being a courageous fireman? Then he will love these pajamas. Every night he will fit with the best of the best to save the world.

May 22

It is that time of year where there is a steady influx of children in our house. They aren’t even all mine. They just like mine. Spring and summer brings play dates, parties, unexpected friends popping over for some fun. It can be difficult to feed all of those mouths! But don’t worry. We have you covered. Here is a simple, quick, and yummy snack/meal that will keep those kids with full bellies and quiet mouths. 


What You Will Need: 


Cheese sticks


Crescent rolls


What You a Will Do:


This is so easy the kids could do it! Simply unroll the crescent roll package. (Try not to scare yourself those things always frighten me when they pop!)


Place a few pepperoni and half of a cheese stick inside the crescent roll, then roll it closed.


Continue with the rest of the rolls.


Then cook according to crescent roll instructions.



You now have a quick and delicious way to keep those kids happy. At least until they are hungry again. 



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