Back-to-School Hacks!

School is in full swing now so as parents we need all the help we can get. That’s why we scoured the mommy blog circuit to find you some of the best tips, tricks, and hacks for the back-to-school season. With some help from other moms, dads, and teachers, you can find the perfect way to get your kids back in the swing of things for the new school year with the least resistance. 


Clothing choice hack:


Every day it is the same battle. What should I wear. We wish this wasn’t an issue, but it is, with every child, every gender, and every age. It really isn’t always about what to wear but about how to slow down the morning. Answer: pick it out ahead of time and organize it in the incredible chest of drawers. Thanks to this idea by mommy organizer Kortney Brady @KortneyBrady  this lifesaving tip could help maintain parent sanity in those rushed mornings. 


Lunch snacks choice:


Once again it’s all about power. The kids want the power, we aren’t really sure who has the power anymore. But with this hack we can still keep the power but give them the power of options. All within our pre-conceived choices of course. Thanks to mommy blogger I Heart Organizing for her easy tutorial. 

Homework organization: 



Do you have homework, nope. We hear it everyday. Where is your homework? Not sure. Same old same old. But not this year. With an organized homework station and calendar you can help your kids to keep track of all of their work. You can even check it afterwards! Success! Thank you mommy blogger Centsational Girl.  

Check out these incredible mommy bloggers ideas on their websites now. They can help you make going back-to-school a simple and straight-forward process this fall! 

Back-to-School Germs!



With most of our kiddos back-to-school this month parents are beginning to prepare for the dreaded back-to-school germ invasion. It happens every year. It can take days, maybe a week, but it always shows up. When you throw that many kids together that have been exposed to so many different places, people, and experiences all summer germs are bound to spread. It usually means that despite going back to school kids end up home very shortly after with some not invited bugs. There are some ways to help avoid the nastiest of the germs, but be prepared that sooner or later something will get by. 


Hand sanitizer. This is a moms best friend. It comes in manny different forms, gels, lotions, sprays, just make sure your kid has some. Then find out how to make them use it! Remind them to use it after the bathroom, playing outside, before eating, etc. 

Hand washing. This one is self explanatory, at least you would think so. Wash throughout the day, but make sure your kids know to wash front and back and to scrub for at least 30 seconds. We taught our kids to sing the ABC’s in their head while they scrub.

Sanitizing wipes or Clorox wipes. These are for the teacher. Make them a gift. Teachers love getting gifts. Especially in the form of supplies that don’t need to be purchased by them. Many teachers wipe down surfaces throughout the day but these wipes are pricey and get used quickly. So gifting a bunch to your favorite teacher protects you, your kids, and the class. 

Sharing. Remind your kids it’s nice to share. But try not to share food, drinks, or anything that goes in the mouth, ears, nose, or eyes. 

Stay healthy! Keep up your health routine at home, healthy fruits, veggies, proteins, and fats. Keep your kids active, make sure hey get the rest they need. All of this can help with those back-to-school germs. 



As we said there isn’t any fail-safe way to avoid getting those germs, but you can help your family battle them faster or maybe get a less virulent strain by keeping up with these practices. No matter what just remember to watch your kiddos for signs of infection if they do get sick, and thank your lucky stars if they don’t! Enjoy the back-to-school season! 

Star Wars Slime: Sensory Play

Boys love all things slimy, so when it comes to sensory play why not exploit that love? Sensory play is important to teach children to interact with their world and to connect feelings, and senses with abstract thought processes. Sensory play is perfect for any age group and can be modified to fit the age group you are working with. What is so great about this sensory lay is it can target young boys or older boys. Slime is a childhood appreciation, but by adding in these cool Star Wars characters you can make it more exciting for boys, especially those stuck in between little boys and big boys.

This incredible recipe and idea comes from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tail, easy-to-follow tutorial.  an incredible blog written and created by a mom of three boys, Jaime. Jaime offers incredible ideas for keeping boys active, guiding them in their learning, and keeping things fun and organized at home for them. Being a mom is hard, being a mom of three small boys is a challenge. Jaime offers incredible ideas that will help you to stay involved in your kids daily activities and still keep things fun for everyone involved. Her incredible sensory slime recipe is available on her website with an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Star Wars Slime

Sensory play can be an excellent learning tool, but it can also be incredible fun. Try adding in other activities and items to the slime when you are working with your kids. Let them learn and react with their environment, it is the best type of learning. Try adding in different types of toys, small objects, and textures to the slime and have the children feel and tell you what they are touching. Just remember to add in items appropriate for the age and learning level of your child, no small objects for young children as they pose a choking hazard. Enjoy!