Christmas Ornaments: Build Your Own!

Do your boys love legos? If so come really close, be very quiet, and don’t let anyone see your computer screen for the next few moments.

If you need some new ideas for gifting fun holiday items this season, look no further. We have found lego christmas ornaments. Your boys will love building their own christmas decorations and hanging them from the tree. Chris McVeigh has dozens of fun christmas decorations that are going to make your boys gas this year when they open their presents. Each kit comes complete with directions and a kit to hang the ornament from the tree. You can choose from their many different series including Geek, Gingerbread and More, Plate series, and Christmas Trees.

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Your boys will love interacting with their new toy/christmas decoration, and it will be fun for the whole family. The incredibly cool part is once the holidays are over you can disassemble it and pack it away for next year. Unlike most ornaments that need to be protected while packed away this will be perfectly safe. And unlike most gingerbread houses which need to be eaten or thrown away at the end of the holiday this can be kept and enjoyed for years to come!

Check out Chris McVeigh and his incredibly cool building kits now. It is the gift that will build memories for years.

The Boy’s Store Holiday Items

Did you know we carry some of the cutest holiday items all year long? If you haven’t seen them before you need to head in and check them out. We have t-shirts, pajamas, and socks. Each of these items makes an incredible gift during the holiday season. Grab some socks for stocking stuffers. Pick out some holiday pajamas for Christmas Eve or even for Hanukah. Your boys can be holiday ready in just one shipment!

Boys Reindeer Socks by Country Kids: These fun socks come in red and green. Ball them up and place them in a stocking, or gift them on christmas eve for your kids to wear the next day. They are soft, warm, and fun!


Boys Footie Christmas Lights Pajamas by New Jammies: Available in footie pajamas and a pants and shirt set, these lights pajamas just shine christmas. They make a perfect night before christmas gift. Come christmas morning your boys will be warm and full of holiday cheer and you will have a perfect picture of holiday goodness when he stumbles in to wake you.


le top Baby Boys’ Reindeer Games Footed Striped Coverall: Our littlest boys are not to be forgotten. This adorable coverall and hat makes them appear to be the angelic little elves we all know they are.


Boys Hanukkah Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: Hanukah is 8 whole days and nights, and with these pajamas the nights will be especially cute. Themed with dreidels and menorahs it brings to life the great festival of lights.


Boys Books for the Holidays:Christmas in America

This year has been a very busy year. Our kids have witnessed some pretty spectacular events in the history of this country, and a pretty crazy election. No matter what you or your family believe in, or who you voted for, you may have noticed a reaction in your kids. It is the result of such a wide array of media involvement. No matter where kids are, or how old they are, they see what is happening. It can be difficult to help them understand it all, and feel comfortable with it all. But it can be done. We just need to start at their level and let them see how the world really works without all of that added chaos and drama. This fun and educational book Christmas in America follow Ellis the elephant, a little elephant written by Callista Gingrich that shows kids the pivotal moments in American History.


Christmas in America shows Ellis traveling throughout important moments in history where he witnesses Martha and George Washington, Andrew Jackson, the Apollo 8 mission, and much more. Ellis shows readers what happens in history, how the colonies were formed, how George Washington becomes our first President, and how the holidays are celebrated during this time.

This seems like such a simple book, but it really helps kids to see the good side of America. It shows them a simpler and more realistic image of what goes on in The White House and in history. Christmas in America is the fifth book in the Ellis the Elephant series and each book teaches incredible historical facts perfect for little kids wanting to understand it all. Check out the holiday installment now and you just might add a new book to your holiday reading list.