Nov 25

We love to do crafts for the holidays with our little ones. We love being able to pull out their works of art each holiday season and see how different each craft is from year to year. We put them up every year with our holiday decorations. It is so nice to see how our kids have grown in their talent and abilities. It is also nice to remember how tiny and cute they were when they were making them. So of procures we look for new and different craft ideas every year. It can be difficult not to repeat the same craft each year. Or with each kid. That is why we were so excited to see this new craft. Dish Brush Turkey.

This craft is fun, new, and adorable. We discovered this gem of a craft at Crafty Morning a blog created and written by Michelle a military wife that loves to craft! Michelle has kid crafts that will keep even the craftiest stay-at-home mommy coming back on a daily basis for new ideas. We were so excited about this craft that we have not only shared it here, we are sending it out to all of our friends. There will be a lot of dish brush turkeys decorating mantles and refrigerators this holiday season.

Dish Brush Turkey


What You Will Need:

Brown construction paper
Orange construction paper
Red construction paper
White paper
Googley eyes
Round dish brush
Yellow paint
Red paint
Orange paint

This craft is fun and will probably be messy, but all the great toddler crafts are. So be sure you protect your house or table from the messy paint. We will probably use a washable tempura paint to be safe. Our kids love to paint and tend to make a mess. But we love it. Hurry over to Crafty Morning to get all of the instructions and a few more fun and adorable pictures. Don’t forget to check out Michelle’s other great craft ideas, we sure will. Enjoy!!

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Nov 22

During the school year I try to make sure my kids are busy. We do a lot of after-school activities including sports, and special after-school programs oriented around science and learning. This usually means I need to have snack ready to go when they are. I need to feed them something that will give them energy, keep them fueled, and happy throughout their afternoon activities. My kids are a lot like me, by three o’clock they are ready for a nap. Their day has exhausted them and they need a pick-me-up. But I hesitate to give them things that may have artificial boosts to their system. That’s why I love protein. It is the perfect digestible energy-quick food. Luckily, my kids love nuts, and it is an excellent source of protein.

I love this fun quick Crisp Apple Snack. It is sweet, crunchy, and has a myriad of tastes all in one bite. It is an easy to prepare, easy to eat, energy-quick snack that my kids love to eat. Which is usually the best thing about it. But it is also a very healthy snack, that doesn’t get old. So here is the recipe for a fun Crisp Apple Snack to try the next time your kids need an afternoon pick-me-up!

Crisp Apple Snack

What You Will Need:

Peanut butter or almond butter
Nuts (I use almonds and pecans)
Coconut flakes
Chocolate chips

What You a Will Do:

1. Core your apple, then slice the apples into discs about a quarter or half inch thick.
2. Spread the nut butter on the apple disk.
3. Add nuts, coconut flakes, and chocolate chips.
4. Enjoy!!

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Nov 19

Holiday Looks: Christmas Pajamas

It may still be November but Christmas is just around the corner. We love to get special holiday pajamas every year for our kids. Each of them get a special Christmas Eve box that has pajamas, a book, and a Christmas treat to eat while we all snuggle together and read our new books. It’s a family tradition that has been in my family for 4 generations. The kids love it, but so do the adults. Because let’s face it, our kids are only little and interested in us for a very short time, but the holidays seem to turn everyone into a little kid again. So for one night we all gather together, kids at heart, and share some quality family time together.

We love the pajamas at The Boy’s Store. All the boys look sweet, charming, and comfortable as they cuddle up in their new pajamas every year. This year there are some special pajamas and First Christmas bibs available that will help make your family Christmas a very special one.

Baby’s First Christmas Bib by Dressed to Drool: an adorable bib that is the perfect holiday or baby shower gift for a new baby during the holiday season. Everyone loves to commemorate a new baby, and of course all of their firsts. The first Christmas is a big deal to a lot of new parents. Make their season by sending them one of these white Christmas bibs. Made of 20% polyester and 80% cotton. Machine wash cold.


Reindeer First Christmas Bib by Dressed to Drool: another adorable first Christmas bib, this one features a little reindeer on huge front and a red background. Made of 20% polyester and 80% cotton. Machine wash cold.


Striped Footie Pajamas by City Threads: the perfect pajama set for Christmas Eve. Available in elf green or midnight you will cherish the photos and images of your little ones in this adorable pajama set. Our little ones are only little for so long and we have to get those memories in he hole we can. Some of the best memories on Christmas mornings involve Footie pajamas and big smiling faces. So hurry in to see these great pajamas while they last.


Striped Pajama Set by City Threads: just like the Footie pajamas this is available in elf green and midnight. Perfect for e older kids that don’t like to west Footie pajamas you can still get that Christmassy comfort in a two piece set. Get those cameras ready and make sure you remember it all.


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