Fourth of July: Confetti Sticks!

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our beautiful country. This year our country is 239 years young and we are excited to share this incredible day with all of our friends and families. America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave. It is a country to be celebrated, so just as we celebrate our own birthday’s and our children’s birthdays lets enjoy this birthday of our great nation and do it up right!


What better way to celebrate a birthday than with outrageous fun, streamers, and confetti! This month we want to share an incredibly fun craft that will not only be fun to make with your kids, but will also be incredibly fun to celebrate with!


Crystal, the brain of A Pumpkin and a Princess, knows how to get super creative with everything. She loves to share her incredible creations with the world, and this month we are very excited to share her with you. Crystal has an incredible idea that is perfect for the Fourth of July, Confetti Sticks. These sticks are perfect for those little ones at home that want to play with firecrackers on the fourth but parents are just not sure that is a safe idea. Give them these fun “explosive” confetti sticks that are safe and gorgeous and will surely make the fourth unforgettable! 



What You Will Need:


Thick paper straws (about 1/2 inch wide)


sequins (optional)



patriotic garland


Now just head on over to A Pumpkin and A Princess to get the easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial complete with easy-to-follow pictures. You and your kids will love this craft so much that it will become a family tradition! So gather your supplies and head on over to A Pumpkin and a Princess for some creative fun! 




Boy Decor: Lego Display and Storage

Little boys love their legos. Legos are not just a fun toy to play with they are an incredible learning tool, a creativity outlet, and a collectors item. Legos can be played with, designed, and even treasured forever. 


Legos are great fun to build and create with, but what happens when you have created such an incredible masterpiece, or have collected such a special and unique collection you can’t imagine letting them be played with or lost? Well we have you covered. All you need is some fun ways to display your incredibly creative collection. 


Frugal Fun 4 Boys: Check out these incredible shadow box displays for your lego characters. One of our favorite mommy bloggers has an incredible tutorial and fun idea for showing off those incredible lego characters in a fun and functional way!




Organized Mom: This incredibly organized Mommy Blogger has some great ideas for not only displaying your favorite creations she also has multiple ideas for storing legos in a playroom or bedroom. Now when your little ones want to build they have all the tools they need at their fingertips. Check her ideas out! 




Fabulously Frugal: This fabulous mommy blogger knows how to keep things clean, organized, fun, and frugal! Check out these incredible ideas to display your masterpieces it is a simple yet gorgeous idea that will let you and your kids enjoy their masterpieces everyday! 




Check out these incredibly simple and fun ideas for displaying and storing your children’s legos. They will make life easier, organized, and fun!  






Summer Craft: Crabby Sea Shells

Are you and your family planning a trip to the beach this summer? Do your kids love to comb the shores for seashells? Well if they do we have a fun craft that will repurpose those beautiful shells in to a cute and crabby craft.

This fun craft comes straight from Family Fun Magazine. This family friendly magazine is the perfect place to get some fun crafts for you and the kids this summer. Their website, digital, and print magazine offer incredibly entertaining activities, recipes, and crafts that the whole family will love.

crabby sea shells

What You Will Need:

  • seashells
  • acrylic paint
  • pint brush
  • pipe cleaners
  • tacky glue or craft glue
  • googley eyes
  • scissors

What You Will Do:

Begin by cleaning the seashells and drying them well.

Then you can use your acrylic paint and brush to paint them a bold new color.

Let dry.

Cut 3 pipe cleaners in half. Twist five halves together at the center.

Glue the twisted center to the inside of the shell with tacky glue.

Let dry.

Spread out the pipe cleaners so each side has five legs.

Cut the remaining pipe cleaner half in two, then fold the end of each to form claws.

Now glue on the googley eyes.

Let dry.

Enjoy your fun little crabby shell!