Dec 16

The Giving Spirit

We try to cultivate our children’s kind and giving nature all year long, but at Christmas time when everyone is doing a lot of getting, we try even harder. This year we are taking the kids out to help shop for everyone. They helped shop for their cousins, choosing items they knew their cousins would love and enjoy. They are even going to help us wrap them. But we needed a little something more. So we sat each kid down and explained that there are kids in this world that aren’t as lucky as them. Maybe they don’t have a mommy, maybe they don’t have a daddy, maybe they don’t have a mommy or daddy. Maybe they live outside in the cold. Maybe they don’t have any money. They are hungry, they are scared, and they are lonely. We explained that sometimes, somehow, people fall through the cracks of life, and there isn’t someone there to take care of them.

We explained how lucky they are that they have a mommy and daddy, and other family that loves them so much and makes sure they are safe, healthy, and happy. The almost three year old was the one to say how sad it would be to not have a mommy or daddy. And that they must be scared. We agreed, and chose this time to suggest ways that we could help them. Everyone said they could have their old jacket that doesn’t fit anymore, they could have some of our food, and they can have our pillow so they have somewhere soft to sleep. Of course these are all great ideas. So then we suggested that each kid is given $30 to buy something new for a kid that needs something. They could pick anything they wanted to buy for another child as long as it was under $30.

The experience was humbling for sure. We expected our kids to run straight to the toy section and buy something they wanted. They each chose a little differently. One found a big warm coat that came with gloves and a hat for 29.99. Another found new shoes for 24.99 and then ran and picked out socks to go with them. The 3 year old, always surprising us, ran and found a warm blanket, a stuffed doll, and a book that when you press the buttons reads the words to you. We asked her why she chose these? She said, “because at bedtime we read and cuddle, and they don’t have a mommy to read and cuddle with so they need this book and a cuddle baby.” Not going to lie, I think I cried in the middle of the store.

We have decided that this will be a regular tradition every Christmas for our kids. It will help them to see that they have life pretty good, and that they need to help others that maybe don’t have life as easy. What do you and your kids do to get in to the giving spirit?

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Dec 13

Christmas Ornament: DIY Santa Hand

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is in the air, and soon, it will be hanging on the tree. Whether you have a real tree or a synthetic tree you will definitely have ornaments. This year we want to give you the cutest ornament ever. We found a fun handmade DIY Christmas ornament to make with your boys. It will be fun, and it will be the perfect way to start making memories this holiday season. What’s even better than making memories? Keeping them. Year after year you can hang this little ornament on your Christmas tree and remember how much fun you had with your boys making this adorable ornament. It will also stand the test of time and remind you year after year how small and adorable your boys once were. When they are all grown up it will be your yearly reminder of all the joy and sweetness they brought to your life.

So what will you need to make this fantastic ornament? Just a few household items, a little ones help, and some patience.

What You Will Need:

1/2 cup of Salt
1/2 cup of plain flour
1/4 cup of water (give out take a little)
Red paint
Black paint
Cream colored paint

What You Will Do:

1. Mix the salt, flour, and water and knead until dough forms. Roll out flat, about 1/2 to 1 in thick. Make hand impression. Then take knife and cut impression out leaving a small border.
2. Poke a hole in the top for hanging.
3. Bake at 200 degrees F for 3 hours.
4. Let cool.
5. Then paint your Santa, loop ribbon through hole. And it is ready to hang!

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Dec 10

Munsterkids: New Style for Boys

We love Munsterkids! They are an amazing brand that loves to create great styles and looks for boys based of off music, art, and street culture. It was created in 2005 by Rich and Samantha Brown in Sydney Australia, but is now exporting all over the world in over 20 different countries. Inspirations come from music, art, and street culture but the brand has been heavily influenced by the urban legend of Mikey Munster, the sharp-toothed troublemaking spirit that resides in every kid. This is the perfect inspiration since the brand mostly offers sizes for infants to 24 months.

We have some amazing new looks from Munsterkids and they are perfect as a last minute Christmas or holiday gift. So hurry in now and check out these fabulous finds!

Munsterkids Boys Don’t Grow Up Shirt: this long sleeve navy blue and white striped shirt features a neon orange screenprint with the quote, “boys don’t grow up.” This fun and whimsical shirt is to totally true to life, as most boys get bigger, but don’t really grow up. Your little boy will love this shirt, and it will make everyone around him smile.


Munsterkids Boys Jag Team Pants: these black track pants feature tiger prints on the sides in a white contrasting color. They are incredibly comfortable and fun to wear. Pair them with any of the Munsterkids tees for a great look.


Munsterkids Rat Cat Shirt: is long sleeve raglan tee features black sleeves and a black and red Tye dye front with a rat cat screenprint on the front. The rat cat looks like a cat skull and bones pirate. Your boys will love the edginess of it, you will love the easy wash instructions.


Check out these and more items from Munsterkids for some great last minute Christmas gifts. We can ship them quickly, just hurry in now!

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