Sweet Treats: Coconut Fudgsicles

If you are like us, and most of the world, you might just have a dairy allergy or intolerance in your family. When little ones have an allergy it can be difficult, especially something like dairy that can be pretty common in everyday foods, especially in the summer when ice-cream is abundant! We try to keep only dairy free cold treats at home, but it can be difficult to find them in some stores, and the selection isn’t always great. That is why we love to find great recipes to try at home that give our little ones some fun cool summer treats without the fear of an allergic reaction.

This incredible recipe comes from the Creekside Cook. The Creekside Cook is none other than Donalyn, a wife, mom, and grandma that loves to cook, grow her own ingredients, and share her wealth and knowledge of good food with others. Her incredible dairy free recipe is a life saver of moms with kids who have a dairy allergy. Check out her blog for all of her incredible recipes.

Donalyn’s incredible Coconut milk fudge popsicles are going to be a go-to treat in our house all summer long. We hope it is at your home too. Check out the recipe and tutorial now at her website.

Coconut fudgsicles

What You Will Need:

  • 1 13 ounce can organic coconut milk
  • 1 cup dark baking cocoa
  • 2 tablespoons honey [or 4 tablespoons maple syrup]
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla
  • 1 pinch of kosher salt

The Boy’s Store: Gives Back

Did you know that we love children so much that we make sure to give back all year long? We love our boys, but our girls are important too. That’s why The Boy’s Store supports these three different organizations that give back to youth all around the world all year long. Every item you purchase from us helps us to give back to youth and children in need. Next time you shop think about the ways it is impacting others, what better way to care for yourself while caring for others?

The Haven Home: The Haven Home was created in 1976 and provides assistance to youth in need from 9-18 years old. It currently serves as an alternative home to boys and youth ages 9-18. Many boys stay until the age of 18, and every year the home services 75-80 boys. This incredible program provides the boys with a safe home in Boca Raton. The boys receive food, clothes, education, and a family atmosphere in this caring and nurturing environment. The Boy’s Store is very proud to donate to them and help them in their efforts to nurture young boys and men.

The LUC Boys Ranch: Located in the Ozark Mountains in Southwest Missouri this Christian program helps young boys all year long. Targeting at-risk boys it uses the bible and Christian teachings to impart values and wisdom to the youth providing them a stable environment to build upon for their future. It strengthens family relationships for boys that do not have homes, or come from broken-homes. With the knowledge, and care they receive they are able to build brighter futures fro themselves while acquiring trade skills, forming lasting relationships, and a strong Christian foundation.

Youth For Human Right Africa: A program for supporting human rights and communities for children in Africa, The Boy’s Store is proud to support in cooperation with Mulberribush who donates 10% off all of their “Africa” line to the program. It advocates tolerance and peace and supports both boys and girls in African communities.

Every time you purchase an item from our store you help us to help others. We want to help children all over the world become stronger, healthier, smarter, more confident people and with your purchases you help us to donate to all of these great causes. Together we can help shape the children’s futures!

Summer Activities: Indoor Campout

While some love to camp others prefer to stay indoors. But just because you don’t like to camp, doesn’t mean your kids don’t. So what do you do when you have an eager beaver and you are just not interested inc amping outside? Camp inside of course! Camping inside, or even in your own backyard is a great alternative to camping in the wild, especially when you have small kiddos. It is really simple to make an indoor campout fun for your littles, and thanks to mommy blogger Jaimi of The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide you can follow an easy tutorial for the perfect indoor campout.

The Stay at Home Mom Survival guide was created by Jaimi, mommy of four, 2 and twins, and former teacher. She wanted to find a way to keep her kids busy, happy, entertained, healthy, and learning while playing everyday. The more she worked at it the more she realized she had to share it all with the world of stay at home moms. So share she did, her blog The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide is exactly that. A survival guide for mommies that are new to staying at home, are pro stay at homers, or moms who just want some fun activities to do with their kids when they are home with them.

Jaimi’s Indoor Camping Tutorial is just the tool for designing the perfect indoor campout this summer. Simply head on over to her page and learn all the tricks of the trade for a great summer campout. Including an incredible indoor camp fire!



What You Will Need:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Tissue paper or construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • cardboard

Don’t forget to pack some marshmallows for you campfire, you may not be able to roast them, but they still taste great!