Oct 28

IMG_0914.JPGWe love to keep the little ones busy during the day when the older kids are at school. We try to find fun activities that are themed, educational, or just seem like they would be a lot of fun for us and the little ones to do. This month we wanted an activity that was centered around Halloween since the older kids keep bringing home fun Halloween themed crafts and are excited (read VERY EXCITED!) for Halloween we thought it was important to try and get the Littles excited too. Toddler crafts and activities are usually something that involves sensory learning. We wanted some fun sensory activities but we also wanted something Halloween themed. We finally found some really great looking activities and crafts to try on one of our favorite sites for kids, Spoonful.

We love Spoonful because it is created and run by the Walt Disney company and they frequently have crafts and activities that are Disney themed, which our kids love. This month they have some fun crafts, activities, and games that involve Halloween. They have compiled 20 great Halloween themed activities for the month of October. You can find them all at Spoonful.

We are so excited to try the spider hand craft. Our little ones love to finger paint. Any reason is a good reason to cover your whole hand in paint right? That’s what we thought. So we will most likely be trying the spider craft. But there are other fantastic crafts to try including cotton ball ghosts, monster cookies, and a Halloween sensory bin. We love them all, and we are very excited to try as many as we can. What crafts will you and your little ones try this month?

Spider Handprint

What You Will Need

Black paint
Toddler hands!
Googles eyes

Head on over to Spoonful to check out the instructions!!

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Oct 25

IMG_0912.JPGWe have a Halloween party for our kids every year. All of our friends gather together and bring their kids and everyone dresses up. We do snacks, treats, games, and activities and let the kids have a great day of yummy and spooky fun. This year it is our turn to bring a game. Last year we brought a pumpkin bean bag toss, which will probably make a reappearance as well but we also wanted to bring something new and fun. After searching the web for fun games that are toddler and big kid friendly I finally found the perfect game, Pin the Spider on the Web!! Since our kids all range in age from 1 year to 8 years old we try to find games that are either just for the little kids, or just for the big kids. But this game is perfect for everyone! Since everyone is blind-folded there is no advantage! The big kids are just as unprepared as the little kids. Perfection!

This fun spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey is perfect for Halloween. Spiders are spooky enough for the holiday yet not too frightening for our younger players. With this adorable free printout it is even easy to put together! Thank you HGTV for such an amazing printable. It makes this mommas life a little easier, especially since I still have costumes and food to prepare for the day. Now I can bring an incredibly adorable, fun game without the hassle of having to design something myself.

Check out HGTV for this incredible printable and all the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy instructions. Now you and the Spider game can be the hit of your next Halloween bash too!

What You Will Need:

black yarn
glue dots
glitter card stock in various colors
transfer paper
fabric for blindfold
tape measure or yardstick
Download: Halloween Pin-the-Spider Template

Let the Halloween fun begin!!

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Oct 22

IMG_0854.JPGWe love to get into the Halloween spirit. But we also love an easy simple dinner the night of Halloween. Well this year we have found another spectacularly spooky dinner idea with very little fuss. Now we can concentrate on getting ready for our ghoulish night trick-or-treating and making last minute changes or touch-ups on our costumes and decor. We have made mummy hotdogs and spooky pizzas in the past, so we wanted something new. Well we sure found it. This year we will be making Spooky Ghost Chili. This is perfect for us since we love chili, it is simple to make, and we can make it in a hurry. The little added Halloween charm makes it a fun and fantastic meal for our little ones, and us, on this fun Halloween night.

We found this Spooky Ghost Chili at Little Nummies. Little Nummies was created by mommy of three Kellie. Kellie loves to make fun and fantastic meals for her three little ones, and has tons of amazing ideas to make any meal fun! We especially love her Spooky Ghost Chili. It is quick, simple, and so much fun. Sometimes we expect fun little meals to be too difficult, time consuming, or expensive. Kellie shows us it doesn’t have to be with her Spooky Ghost Chili. You can also check out some of Kellie’s other fun meal ideas and try them at home. Everyone will love them!

What You Will Need:

Chili (need a new chili recipe? Try one of these)
Mozzarella Cheese or Jack Cheese (just make sure it’s white!)

Now just head on over to Little Nummies for some instructions on how to make some spooky little ghosts for your chili, serve, and enjoy! We are so excited to try this at home, we hope you and your family have a great Halloween!

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