Great New Shirts for Boys!


We have lots of fantastic new looks hitting the website this month. We have been busy little bees gathering inventory and prepping for some incredible new listings. We want our customers to have the best options available to them, and this season we have surely done that. We have great new looks from Appaman, La Miniatura, and Wes and Willy. 


Appaman Plus and Minus Shirt: this gorgeous blue short sleeved tee features one large white number, 1-6. This fun shirt is perfect for a boy to wear on his birthday. Buy them for photos for the day before his birthday for his current age, and one for the day of his birthday with his new age. It makes for a great keepsake. Or take family p hoots in them, one shirt for each boy and have it be the number of their birth order. No matter how you use the numbered shirts your boys will love them. 


La Miniatura Boys Striped Jeff Rat Tee Shirt: this yellow short sleeved tee is fun and outrageous. It features yellow and black stripes and features a skull and bones rat on the front. It is totally ironic, totally fun, and totally cool. Your boys will love it. 



Wes and Willy Boys Pick Up a Artist Shirt: this short sleeved tee features a screen print of several incredibly cool guitar picks that will totally impress. Stars, yellow, blue lightning bolts, checkerboard, and a skull pick are all featured on the tee. Pick it up for your little artist or wannabe musician. 


Spring Craft: Egg Carton Frogs


Who says all spring crafts have to revolve around bunnies, chicks, and eggs? We have a craft for you that will keep with the spirit of spring but isn’t so a Easter-Centered. This fun craft is totally boy friendly. Is fun, easy to follow, and will leave you hopping for joy. 


Egg Carton Frogs are an excellent boy spring craft. As parents we don’t always want real frogs frolicking through our house. But we can deal with a few little crafts if it makes our boys hoppy. What is so great about this craft? It is easy to do, is perfect for spring, and will make your boys feel like little frog kings themselves.


This incredible craft is brought to you by Crafty Morning, an incredibly crafty blog created and run by Michelle a crafter extraordinaire! Michelle loves to craft and has been sharing her crafts for years. She has an assortment of crafts, ideas, and activities for all sorts of decor, and even holidays. She is definitely gifted when it comes to creating fun crafts and tutorials. We are very excited to share this craft from her spring crafts and encourage you to check out her other incredibly easy tutorials. 


What You Will Need:


Egg carton

White, yellow, and red paper

Black and green paint





Hurry on over to Crafty Morning for some great photos and tutorial to follow along while you and your boys create these fantastic frogs. Feel free to get creative with them and add different colors to express your boys favorites. When you are all done display your little frog. You can even check out this website to talk about how frogs are born and develop. Or check out a great online reading of The Frog Prince. Enjoy!

Frog prince animated story:

Best Boy Books: The Fantastic Family Whipple


The Fantastic Family Whipple is a fantastic book about a family that is, you guessed it, FANTASTIC! Well at least most of them are. Poor Arthur Whipple is almost 12 years old and he is the most average person in his entire family. Being average is great, unless you come from a family of fantastic above average people. You see Arthur’s family is full of fantastic people that hold world-records for practically everything in the world. But poor Arthur has yet to achieve a world record. He has tried, oh has he tried. He totally ruined his chances at standing on one foot for the longest time, he fell asleep when trying to stay up for the longest time; it seems no matter what he does he just cannot become a world record breaker like everyone else in his family. But when a mysterious curse falls on his family and everyone finds that they are no longer world record breakers it might just be Arthur that will save the day. 

Matthew Ward is the author of this fantastic and over-the-top action filled story. There is all sorts of trouble, chaos, humor, and mystery. Your boys will love this great tale. They will also love the sequel. It is a great book to read together or for your boys to read alone. They will love the way it makes them laugh, but also how it shows them that everyone is fantastic, in their own way.