STEM Activities: Blow up a Balloon with Science!!

School is still out, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot learn. Science is such a fun and exciting field, and it doesn’t usually feel like school when you are “playing” at science. Science lets kids learn about the world around them, it opens their eyes and brains to new and different things. But the fun thing about science is it lets you try things you would never get to do normally. Change the colors of things, blow things up, make them grow, make them shrink. The possibilities are endless.

This month we want to share something fun that will help teach and will still let you play. This incredible experiment from Coupons are Great allows you and your kids to blow up a balloon with science. Nobody will be winded from blowing it up, and you will learn why its possible to do this with the help of science. Leandrea is the writer of Coupons are Great and has helped to hare this incredibly fun and explosive experiment. Now you and your kids can learn how important (and fun!) science can be, even during summer vacation!


Now you need to head on over to Coupons are Great to learn exactly how you will be creating this fabulous experiment. Make sure you pick up a few things first:

What You Will Need:



Baking Soda


Dry Empty Water Bottle

Now you can see exactly how this will work at Coupons Are Great!

Outdoor Summer Fun: Squirt Gun Painting

If you are anything like me you have become quickly disillusioned by summer break. The sounds of children complaining they are bored has become too much. It is time to send them back outside to do something else. Anything else, as long as they are outside!

This fun artistic endeavor will not only keep them busy, hopefully wear them out, it will also be one of the more exciting things they get to do outside. Squirt Gun Painting. Now don’t worry we are sure you can make sure to buy water soluble paint in case the painters get a little over zealous, but we do suggest wearing clothes you don’t care much about when you let them do this.

Fireflies and Mudpies writer and creator Melissa is the one to credit for this gem of a summer project. A writer, photographer, and educator, she knows how to get artistic and make it fun. And this is certainly fun. Art is such an important part of the world, and the world of education. It can also be incredibly fun. Especially when you do it with squirt guns and boys who have been cooped up in the house.


We suggest heading over to Fireflies and Mudpies and learning all about how this fun project was created and the great tips on how to make it safe, fun, and easier to clean up. We just know it will be a hit!

The Boy’s Store: Shopping by age!

Did you know you can search by age group, or size at our store? All you have to do is go to the Shop All Menu and select Shop by Age. When The Boy’s Store first began ten years ago we were interested in bringing stylish clothes to boys that rivaled the incredible outfits and the range of styles available to girls at the time. It didn’t seem fair that girls get all of the fun outfits and boys simply get a few sports themed looks. Girls fashion is unique, while some of it is mass produced a lot of it features unique looks., boutique shop styles, and out of the norm looks. This hasn’t always been the case for boys, we would like to think that we have changed that in the last 10 years.

As the years have gone on we have change our goals. We have gone from just worrying about offering those unique and cool styles, to offering them in an easy way. That is why we have changed our website, the way we interact with our customers, and created our blog, style blog, and try to stay so busy on social media. We want to make shopping for your boys a fun experience. We want you to enjoy shopping for your boys as much as they enjoy wearing the items you buy them. We hope to continue to do this for many more years, but right now we are very happy and proud to have served you for the past 10 years.

Here’s to 10 more!