Jan 27

Do your boys love superheroes? Who is their favorite superhero? Do they know what superhero they would be?

We have the greatest quiz available on PBS.org you can actually take a test that will tell you which superhero you would be, and what powers you would have. Now you can your boys can take the quiz together. Who would your alter-ego be?


We took the quiz and got The Upstanding Superhero like Superman!

Your Superhero Type:
Upstanding Superhero
Upstanding Superhero
You are the classic, good-guy superhero. You possess some of the most legendary and iconic powers, like super strength and flight, and the people in your city, including the law, adore you. However, you also harbor a deep loneliness and confusion about your true identity.
Take a look at Wonder Woman, Superman and Captain America to get a better sense of your superhero persona.
Check out “Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle” for behind the scene photos and exclusive extras.

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Jan 25

With the holidays over most of the kids have gone back to school. This means it’s back to the daily grind of making school lunches. Making lunches an be fun but it can also be time consuming and tricky. Fruit looks gross after being cut, ice packs melt and leave sandwiches soggy, what’s a mom to do? This week we have a few hacks that will make it a little less time consuming and a little less tricky.

Trick # 1:


Trick # 2:


Trick # 3:


Do you have any other fantastic lunch box hacks? We would love to hear from you. Any fun lunch ideas to keep your kids happy and their food fresh? We would love to know.

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Jan 22

Legos are a HUGE hit at our house. They are out constantly. I am sure I have multiple scars from stepping on them in the dark, tripping over castles, cars, and super heroes and knocking them sideways in to millions of pieces has become a daily occurrence here. I love legos for many reasons, but mainly because they are so versatile. Sure, they hurt when you step on them, but they make my kids light up with imagination and creativity. Which makes me light up. They are learning all day long when they play with these inventive little toys. They learn to think on their feet, change the world around them, and are inspired to use their imagination. I love to help them and see them take control.

We do lots of little learning activities at home, especially when they aren’t in school. We learn our alphabet, numbers, etc. But a friend reminded me how versatile legos are, and how they can be an educational tool all on their own. She pointed me towards this fantastic mommy blogger, Heidi at Happinessishomemade, a mom and homeschool teacher that uses Legos as a learning tool. Heidi has some incredible lesson plans for using Legos as tools in teaching math, science, history, language arts, and more. As the mom of 3 boys she knows how to get everyone involved and learning. We can’t wait to try out some of her lesson plans for educational play at our house. We are especially excited about numbers and measuring since our kids love to help Dad measure and build things in the garage. Now we can teach them how to measure, count the numbers, and write down the length of width of something.

What lego activities would be the most useful in your house? Do your boys love to build?


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