Jul 22

Wouldn’t you love to have your very own pet dinosaur? Dinosaurs’s are some of the coolest animals a boy can ever love, of course it can be a little more difficult to find a dinosaur at the pet shop. They aren’t exactly on the most adopted list at the shelter. But that doesn’t stop our boys from wanting them. Well we have an answer for you, have you ever heard of a pet rock? We have a similar idea. Instead of a pet rock, how about a pet paper craft. A pet DINOSAUR paper craft.

Spoonful has a delightful dinosaur paper craft that will help your kids design and build their very own paper pet dinosaur. Spoonful is a spectacular site run by the Disney corporation. We always love sharing their crafts because they are usually very simple to follow and are lots of fun to play with.

For this paper craft pet dinosaur all you need is a printer, the dinosaur template, and some imagination!

What You Will Need:

Dinosaur template
Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

You have three incredibly fun and cool templates to choose from. Do your boys prefer Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs, Stegosaurus Dinosaurs, or Triceratops dinosaurs? Pick your favorite and get printing. Then color your dinosaur and make him as awesome as possible, then follow the instructions and glue him together. You don’t even have to remember to fee him! Just enjoy his paper perfect company!

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Jul 19

The summer blues can get to everyone. It is so hot and it can be difficult to stay cool and comfortable, especially when you are just a tiny little guy like our favorite baby boys. So that is when mom has to step in and find some totally cool (pun intended!) one piece Rompers that will keep our baby boys cool, comfortable, and happy! That is why The Boy’s Store offers so many cool options for baby boys. We offer incredibly hip and cool one piece Rompers from Dogwood, Ragtop/Neptune Zoo, and Taggies. All you need to do as mommy is pick which cool Rompers you love and get those bouncing baby boys dressed!

P-pod One Piece by Dogwood: they may not be rocking their iPods quite yet, but they can certainly rock their p-pod with this hot white and green one piece. White cotton with a green scree print if a pea pod this comfortable and cute one piece will surely keep baby boy cool all summer long!


Rock-Star One Piece by Dogwood: this grey one piece will rock baby boys socks off. Featuring rock-star teddies it is a head bangin awesome look for summer. Your baby boy will be the coolest kid in play group.


Soccer One Piece by Taggies: what little boy doesn’t love soccer? We are certainly starting them young with this red and grey raglan one piece. It features a fun and sporty soccer look with an adorable puppy. Your little one will be preparing to bend it like Beckham in this one piece!


Bulldog One Piece by Ragtop/Neptune Zoo: who let the dogs out? This Kelly green one piece sports a fun and furry, and just a little ferocious, bull dog. This bulldog is sure to scare off any play group bullies. Because only tough guys can rock a bulldog, so no one will mess with your baby boy. Not to mention, they bulldogs like baby boys, are huge mommas boys that love to cuddle. So get those cuddles in now! 20140515-091848.jpg

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Jul 16

Do you plan fun things for your entire family during the summer? Or do you just let your kids hangout and enjoy their time off? As moms we have to think about ways to occupy our kids during some long summer mons, but summer isn’t just a time for kids to be off, it is sometimes a chance for families to get together and spend a little time together. You know parents need days off too? Yes we do! While we don’t always get the time off that our kids get it is nice to take a day, or even a couple of days off and spend some time relaxing, and spend some quality time with our family.


In our house we usually do at least one family vacation during the summer. Sometimes it is a simple camps trip, a few days at the beach, or a trip to visit family and enjoy a different town for a few days. However this year the budget is a bit low, and time is too. So we have been researching fun things to do in our own area. We have considered a picnic trip to the beach, a day at the water park, and a day at the museum. We are fortunate enough to live near a large city that features a Natural History Museum, Art Museum, Children’s Museum, Science Museum, and Observatory. Now attending all of these places would probably get expensive, and be very time consuming. So we are trying to find the place that is best suited to us at tho a point. We have young children under the age of 6. So we think the Science museum which is very interactive, and the Children’s museum which is also interactive would be our biggest bang for our buck.

20140430-084756.jpgScience Museum: our science museum features aeronautics, space, motion, and even special exhibits for sea, nature, and history. The kids can try experiments of their own, stand in jets, test the theory of motion, and interact with scientists. It is a day of fun, education, and action.

Children’s Museum: this is like a giant play place. There are all sorts of real world displays, including jobs and adult role play like veterinarians, Doctors, pilots, grocery stores, etc. kids get to try on real world roles, interact and learn as they go. There are art galleries where the kids can paint and learn about real artists.

No matter which place we go we are excited for everyone to interact and have fun learning and spending time together. What are your summer plans? Do hugely include any family together time? What activities can you and your family do together in your hometown?

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