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New Year’s Countdown: Kid Style

Did you know that Netflix does a children’s countdown for New Year’s Eve that can be played at anytime on New Year’s Eve? If you are a Netflix subscriber you can play a countdown for your kids at anytime. So your kids can still be a part of the holiday celebrations and still be in bed by 9pm! This is truly a great idea. It makes it simple for kids to participate without expecting them to make it all night. 

While my older kids will make it to midnight, my youngest two NEVER do. But they are always jealous that they miss out on what the older kids get to experience. Last year we played one of the Netflix countdowns (they make several, and all themed for your kid like Trolls, Word Party, etc.) we had party poppers, sparkling cider, party hats, and treats. My youngest kids got to eat treats and sip drinks with us as we played the countdown. As the countdown began we prepared our party poppers, donned our hats, and held our glasses of cider. When the “New Year” rang we popped, sipped, and toasted to a year of health and happiness! 

Then we quietly prepared the kids for their bedtime routine, and they went to sleep. That left the rest of the night for us adults to play games, chat, and enjoy one another’s company. we also had the chance to ring in the New Year at midnight and share a kiss without the small kids making gagging noises. All in all it makes for an excellent little New year Festivity. So if you have Netflix be sure to check out their New Year’s Eve countdown for kids this year! 

Holiday Crafts: Jumping Elves!

My kids love their elf on the shelf. My two youngest are so infatuated with their elves that they want elf everything this year. So instead of doing a Santa Claus craft this year we searched high and low for an elf craft. This one jumped right out at us. 

This adorable elf craft will wow your little ones. It is fun, easy-to-follow, and it is an out of the ordinary craft. After all, we love all of our santa crafts and tree crafts, but it is so nice to have something new to do. This craft is not only a fun craft when you are building it, it is also fun to play with since it is actually a little elf puppet. My kids could not get enough of them. They even put on a little elf puppet show for the whole family last night. 

It really is an adorable craft that is sure to be loved for years to come. Head on over to Kids Craft room for the full tutorial now. It is sure to be a new holiday favorite. 

Holiday Treats: Oreo Truffles

I have lived a long life, and I have enjoyed many, many desserts. I love to bake, but with the craziness of the holiday season I find I am spending a LARGE amount of time in my kitchen. So while I love to do big holiday treats like sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and all of the more involved baking I also love to make sure to add some easier “baked” goods to my list like microwave fudge and these amazing Oreo Truffles

Oreo cookies are delicious. I love to use them for baking. we have made oreo cheesecake and oreo cream pie in our home many times. Oreo truffles however require no baking, and are a fun and popable holiday treat. 

It does not require any baking, but it does have a couple of simple steps. My kids love to help with this one because it requires bakers chocolate and they love to help dip and roll the truffles in chocolate. They also enjoy putting candy canes in plastic bags and smacking them repeatedly with the mallet in order to add a pepperminty topping as the truffles chocolate hardens. 

The fun thing about these truffles is you can change the appearance for different holidays, parties, or simply make half a batch look one way and half another way. The possibilities are endless. Top them with crushed candy canes, sprinkles, shaved chocolate, whatever you love. 

They are incredibly popular too. Very few people can resist an oreo cookie, and this truffle makes an oreo cookie even better. Head on over to Recipes Food Annisa for the full tutorial now. You will love it!