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Adventurous at Make at Home Dinner: Poke Bowls

Recently our kids have been excited to try new and exciting foods. Our kidd love Sushi, but it can get expensive taking little kids to Sushi dinners. So instead we recently tried a local Poke place that the kids LOVED. We enjoy teaching the kids how to make their own food and we decided to try some simple Poke bowls at home.

we found this fun and simple Ahi Tuna Poke and Mango Salad bowl from Foodie Crush. The recipe was simple to follow and as long as you purchase your seafood from a reputable seller you should have too much to worry about. We bought ours from the butcher and it was very fresh and nice. The best hint I got from a butcher about fish and seafood is if it smells fishy then it is not good, if it smells like saltwater/the ocean then it is usually ok to eat.

We chose to substitute the garden salad mix with brown rice since our kids prefer their Poke with rice. Despite the switch we found that the recipe was delicious! We will definitely plan to make this again at home. Head on over to Foodie Crush for some amazing Poke ideas!

Avengers: End Game Party

Our family loves Marvel Comics. We have seen all of the Marvel movies and are waiting impatiently for the final Avengers movie. So if you are like us you may just be planning something fun this weekend.

We are planning a marathon of the previous Avengers movies on Friday night through Saturday at home, then on Sunday morning we plan to take our kids to see the final movie. We have our favorites, Spider-man and Iron Man are the two main reasons our kids love Marvel. So we plan to have a little treat to make the night more fun.

We plan to copy this incredibly cool Spider-man inspired pizza for dinner. Then we plan to have some amazing Avenger Cupcakes for dessert.

Thanks to some incredible cupcake topper we can choose our favorites, of course the kids chose Iron Man.

We plan to enjoy some incredibly delicious popcorn and just relax all weekend soaking up the superhero themed fun with our kids. Do you plan on seeing Avengers: End Game? Do you take your kids? Are you hitting up the midnight showing?

Science at Home: Geodes

If there is one thing in this life I am certain of it is that two things never change: kids love dinosaurs and kids love rocks. You can find just about any child under the age of 8 and ask them a question about a rock or a dinosaur and no matter what you will get at least one question answered. My kids love both rocks and dinosaurs, and I am certain they know more about both than I ever will. So i try to listen, I try to stay interested, and I try to find them fun activities that allows them to continue to grow in their hobbies.

Currently our household is on a rock kick. So i try to incorporate rock related activities and learning experiences as often as possible. we love to hike and have found many different types of rocks and geodes on our hikes, however, I found this incredibly easy experiment to create our own geodes and knew that my kids would love it.

This fun experiment was posted at Feels Like Home Blog and has a very detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to create your own geodes at home. Geode crystals are such an incredibly cool part of geology and show how sediment is formed to create beautiful things. This would make an excellent experiment for a science fair, home school, or simply to enjoy learning something while having fun with your kids at home.

Be sure to head on over to Feels Like Home Blog to get the full tutorial so you can create your own amazing crystal geodes!