July feature Outfit: MFS Eyewear

This month we are going to highlight a great summer brand instead of an entire outfit. During the summer your kids spend a lot of time outside in the hot sun. Whether they are out playing in the yard, swimming in the pool, or on vacation in some great destination they need to protect themselves from the sun. As parents we know the first line of defense against the sun is sun block and staying covered up but did you also know that your kid’s eyes are at high risk in the sun as well? Your kid’s eyes need protection from the sun too. While hats are great protection for the face they are sometimes not enough to guard against harmful UV rays. That is why your kids need some great glasses to keep them protected from the sun, and also looking really, really cool.

MFS Eyewear offers eye protection for boys of all ages with great style. Check out some of the great looks your little men can sport this summer to not only look cool but protect those fabulous eyes as well.

Select Boys Sunglasses by MFS Eyewear

MFS1000a_13182Ball Game Shades by My First Shades: These great red shades are perfect for your youngest little man. With a blue adjustable neoprene band to hold them on they will stay on even your youngest and most wiggly little guy. They are also ultra cool featuring a baseball theme on the headband, they are also impact resistant, and have shatterproof frames and lenses making them safe too.

Extreme Sports Sunglasses by MFS Eyewear: Boys are into extremes, whether they are playing or training and these glasses are perfect for both. They feature a neoprene band to hold them in place while your boy does all his most amazing and awesome tricks this summer whether on his skateboard, surfboard, or wakeboard.

gearXtreme gear Convertible by MFS Eyewear: These glasses are ultra hip and will impress even the adults with their style. Now your kids can look as cool as their idols but in glasses made just for them.

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