Kissy Kissy: Gearing up for Baby

Who doesn’t love an adorable little baby, especially one all cute and cuddly in a sweet little Kissy Kissy outfit? Kissy Kissy offers all the precious, comfortable, and classic layette necessities you and your baby will need in those early days together. Moms know that outfits are fun for babies but in those early days all you really need is an adequate layette set, and Kissy Kissy has all the things you will ever need in the layette department. Each piece of clothing and gear is made of pima cotton which is world-renowned for its softness and durability, and after hundreds of washes that is exactly what a good mom is looking for. Kissy Kissy offers all the classic layette necessities including playsuits, caps, gowns, rompers, onesies, footie sleepers, burp cloths, bibs, and blankets. Everything you and baby will need to be ready for anything in the wardrobe department. The Boy’s Store knows how important it is to moms to not only have everything they need for their little boys but also have those things look adorable, that is why we offer Kissy Kissy and all their favorite items and styles. Check them out now for some incredible styles and even some pretty fabulous deals.

Emergency Vehicle Convertable GownEmergency Vehicle Convertible Gown: This adorable convertible gown is perfect for a newborn. It cinches at the hem and includes fold over cuffs to keep baby from scratching in the middle of the night. It features an adorable print of emergency vehicles like police cars, fire engines, and ambulances all things that little boys love.

Emergency Vehicle CapEmergency Vehicle Cap: This sweet cap will keep that precious new baby’s head warm and covered in style.

Emergency Vehicle Burp ClothEmergency Vehicle Burp Cloth: When you have a baby you can never have enough burp cloths. This one is not only completely functional it is also really cute and matches baby’s favorite layette set perfectly.

Mountain Print Reversible Playsuit by Kissy KissyMountain Print Reversible Playsuit:  This playsuit it perfect for baby it will keep him warm, comfortable, and it is reversible for those accidental spills that happen in the middle of the day, or on days when you want a new look.

Mountain Print Reversible Bib by Kissy KissyMountain Print Reversible Bib: Perfect to match the playsuit this bib is reversible and easy to wash!

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