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Now that I am expecting a new baby I am trying to spend extra time with my little ones at home. You hear constantly about jealousy of a new baby. Sibling rivalry exists in every age group, even adults, but with toddlers and infants it can be a little difficult. So when I began planning all of the things I would need to do before the new baby arrived I made sure to put a list together of things to do with my daughter age 4. My husband and I sat down and compiled a list of ideas of dates with our daughter that each of us would complete. Every week on a designated night one of us (we alternate) spends one-on-one time with her so that she doesn’t feel she is being left behind with the arrival of a new baby. While we created a list for our daughter I also thought of things I could do with my son, when he arrives and is a little older. This way each child has a one-on-one night with mommy and daddy.

Here is a list of the ideas I plan to try with my son when he is older.

10 Mommy and Son Date ideas:

  1. Lego building contest. Each of us has to try to outbuild the other. Print a couple of lego ideas from sites like this, and try to create your own
  2. Trip to get Ice-Cream and visit a fire-station or police station.
  3. Trip to a big-league game.
  4. Escape to a toy store and try to compile a list of toys that start with every letter in the alphabet, if he gets all 26 letters let him pick his favorite and bring it home.
  5. Go to play laser tag.
  6. See a play at your local theater.
  7. Favorite dinner out and a movie.
  8. Trip to a zoo.
  9. Playing catch at the park.
  10. Go Bowling!

No matter what you plan with your little man, or little lady, just remember it is the time with them one-on-one that really makes the difference in the long run. They may not remember what you do together ten years from now, but they will remember that you took the time to be with them.

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