Pirate Grotto: DIY Garden!

20140708-085810-32290397.jpgSo I keep seeing all these great little fairy garden ideas. Only none of my children are particularly fond of fairies. I think that the little garden and it’s adorable little fairy houses and plants are adorable though, and would secretly like it just for me. But as I said, no one else cares. So I keep telling myself I am just not meant to have an adorable little mini garden with beautiful fairies. But then I stumbled upon this adorable gem. A Pirate Grotto. My children adore pirates! I knew I was meant to have this little garden. I just had to wait for the right time. Now that summer is in full bloom and the kids are running out of fun things to do, yes that boredom word has popped up a few times here recently. I decided it was time to find something to keep them busy, outside preferably. That was when I remembered the sweet little pirate garden!

This adorable Pirate Grotto is a feature blog of Premeditated Leftovers, no great blog written and edited by mom Alea, a woman after my own heart who is focused on leaving, cleanly, greenly, and frugally. She has some incredible ideas on keeping a home, and keeping it well, on a tight budget. She shares ideas of reusing, repurposing, and keeping on budget. She also has great activities and other things to do I with your kids and family that also help you to stay on budget.

We are very excited to share her Pirate Grotto Garden with you and your families. We think it is the perfect summer activity to keep those little ones outside, busy, and even learning something. Use this little activity to show them how plants grow. How to plant a seed of plant and watch it grow giving it water, sunlight, and fresh air to ensure its growth and development. Let them help design the adorable garden, not only will it be fun it will get their creative juices flowing. At the end of summer sometimes kids find themselves growing bored and running out of imagination on how to keep busy. Send those imaginations into high gear with this creative Pirate Grotto. Let them add special treasure, mermaids, fairies, or other things that go together perfectly with Pirates.

So head on over to Premeditated Leftovers to see the full tutorial on how to create an amazing Pirate Grotto. Enjoy!!

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