Science At Home: How to Make a Cloud


It has been raining a lot at our house this past month, and I keep hearing the same questions and remarks from my kids. What is rain? The clouds crying. The sky peeing (yes one of the boys said this!) What are clouds made of? The clouds are made of cotton candy. The clouds are pillows. The clouds are whipped cream! Well after all of this debate I decided it was important to find a way to teach them all the truth about clouds. But meteorology can be a very boring subject for young kids, it features a lot of big words that make no sense to most adults let alone kids under the age of 4. So I had to look hard to find some fun and interesting ways to explain the clouds and weather systems to my kiddos. But guess what, I found it!

I found a great blog written by mom of two Tracey. Tracey loves to do super fabulous crafts and experiments with her two young kids and loves sharing them on her blog We Made That. She features an incredible blog that helps to explain the way the weather system works. Since the clouds in huge sky are made up of moisture particles why couldn’t there be a way to create a similar effect here? Well she did, a cloud in a jar. This is the perfect experiment to show your kids how clouds work.

So what exactly are clouds anyway? Clouds are made up of very, very small water and ice crystals. They are so small and light that they can float way up high in the sky. All air contains water, usually invisible water in gas form called vapor. When it is warm this air rises and begins to expand or grow bigger and then cools. This cooler air cannot hold as much water vapor as the warmer air can so it begins to condense into tiny pieces of floating dust particles. These combine and form little tiny droplets round the dust particles creating little clouds.

The kind of clouds that we have been having all month bringing us rainy wet days and stormy nights are called Nimbostratus Clouds. These are dark grey clouds with a wet looking layer that brings great rain or snow. The clouds you can make at home in a jar won’t bring rain, but they will show you how incredibly cool clouds are. So enjoy making those puffy clouds!!

What You Will You Need:

Jar with lid
Warm water

Now head on over to We Made That and follow the easy-to-read instructions on creating a cloud, don’t forget this is a parent and child activity, children should not use matches alone!

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