Wicked Water Fun: Sponge Ball


The summer heat is really settling in now and everyone is getting hot. Even parents are looking for some fun ways to stay cool in this crazy summer heat. But we don’t want to rely upon all the boring summer games we have always relied upon. Why not shake up that boring old routine and find some new ways to get cool when you’re out of school this summer?

This month we found a great blog written by a Mom who knows all about finding fun and interesting things to do with friends and family. Brittany a Mom of four, loves to throw fun and beautiful parties. Brittany even offers some great tutorials and sells some amazing party planners, and party themes on her blog for every occasion, just check out One Charming Party.

Here at The Boy’s Store we cannot wait to try her fun Sponge Ball Tutorial. We all know the idea behind sponges, to soak up as much water as possible. So it makes sense to use it as a way to soak up water and throw it at a target, even if that target is a friend or family member. This fun play on water balloons is actually quite ingenious. Now you can soak up water and have fun hitting your friends and family with a cool splash all day long without stopping to make new balloons. Simply soak the sponge ball and toss. When they are thrown at you grab them and give them a quick soak in a bucket and toss them right back! Talk about easy ammunition. At the end of the game there is very little clean up, and no pesky water balloon pieces to clean up. Just good old fashioned fun in the sun.

What You Will Need:

Sponges (3 sponges for each ball)
Sharp scissors
Dental floss

What You Will Do:

1. Cut each sponge into into four equal pieces. To make it easy cut the sponge in half lengthwise, then cut each half in half lengthwise again.
2. Repeat with other sponges.
3. Arrange each piece in a random order and squeeze them together into a bunch. Now use your dental floss to tie them together in the middle. Trim off excess dental floss.
4. Now fluff out the sponges to create a ball.

Now go ahead and get some buckets of water ready and prepare for the water fight of your life! Want to make it a water party? Check out the party planning packs made by Brittany at One Charming Party now!

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