Tops For Fall: Ragtop

Summer is starting to fade away and Fall is slowly on its heels creeping into our lives. The weather may still be a little warm, t cooler winds will prevail soon we promise. S why not make sure you are prepared for those cooler days and cold nights. The Boy’s Store is ready and we are prepared to help you get ready for Fall with a few brand new tops from Ragtop. We have hoodies, long sleeves, and a couple of teens for those still warm days that will keep your boys comfortable during the transition period. Ragtop knows how to attract a boys attention with totally cool and hip graphics. Your boys will love their new tees and will enjoy showing them off at school each day.

Bull Dog Shirt by Ragtop/Neptune Zoo: this charcoal colored short sleeved tee is the perfect addition to any boy closet. Featuring a screen print graphic of a bull dog it is tough and fun all in one. Boys will love how cool it looks and how it makes them feel just a little bit tougher each time they wear it.


Patriot Shirt by Ragtop/Neptune Zoo: we live in America which has always been synonymous with freedom, baseball, apple pie, and fast cars. So it is no surprise that this shirt is called patriot and features a graphic of an American muscle car and the American flag. It just screams fast, free, and loud. Perfect for any little boy.


Hiss Twofer by Ragtop: this great tee is definitely a twofer. It features a layered look of a long sleeve and short sleeve tee. The long sleeve portion is white and t sleeve portion is black and features a hissing snake graphic. Snakes are always a hit with the boys. There is something about the small being very powerful, about the silence and the attack from nowhere, and the strength hidden in the most unlikely place.


Super Hero Hoodie by Ragtop: this heather grey hoodie is fun and functional. It features a a fun graphic of a super hero that is “powing” his way through life saving people, changing the world, and getting rid of the bad guys. This hoodie is empowering, fun, and will be a huge hit with the boys.


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