Warrior Poet: Great Summer Tees for Boys


Warrior Poet has some incredible summer tees available this season, and The Boy’s Store is the place to find them. Warrior Poet is a spectacular brand that focuses its designs around the theme of being all that a boy can be, the embodiment of not only a warrior but a poet, a friend, a champion, and a knightly person. All of the great traits present in this great mix of men is highlighted in the clothing of Warrior Poet. Warrior Poet not only creates great clothes they are also looking to create great boys.

This summer you can help your little man transform into a warrior poet by with these incredible styles.

Like the ones features below:

Live Like Heroes Shirt by Warrior Poet: this gray short sleeve shirt features a classic hero style. With its shield print design on the back and the quote, “What if we all lived like heroes?” on the front it poses the challenge to live life as a true hero. What does this mean to young men? It could mean any number of things, living to help others, standing up for yourself and others, and living as a true role-model. Help your son to question or answer this challenge.Summer Tees for boys

Girls Best Friend Shirt by Warrior Poet: Challenge your son to be a true friend, a young man with respect, and the belief that all are equal. This harlequin gray, brown, and mustard colored tee dares young men to not only be friends with girls, but be their best friend. A true best friend is kind, considerate, and believes in their friends. Help your young an to practice this idea in his own relationships and not just on his shirt.Boys Tees by Warrior Poet

Phoenix Rising Shirt by Warrior Poet: A Phoenix is reborn from its ashes periodically. Beginning its life anew after each reincarnation and tries to better itself with each new life. Help your young man to understand that from his failure, his defeat, his lowest of lows he can also rebuild. From the ashes of ruin he can be reborn and create a new and better self. A stronger self. This shirt is the catalyst of a new beginning.20120526-142536.jpg

Warrior Poet has created incredible pieces of clothing that will not only help your son look great but also feel great and be great as well. Their words of wisdom will challenge him all summer long as they stare back at him in the mirror.



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