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Winter is coming: Gloves and Mittens in stock

Winter is coming. So it is definitely time to make sure your kids are prepared. No they don’t need to fight whitewalkers (sorry huge Game of Thrones fan here) but they will need to keep their little hands warm. If your kids are anything like mine their hands probably get cold pretty quickly, but if they are also anything like my kids they will lose at least one of every pair of gloves and mittens you buy them. Which is why I stock up. Every kid has at least two pairs of gloves and one pair of mittens in my house. That way if they lose one, they have a backup. If they leave one pair somewhere, they still have a backup. The Boy’s Store has some fantastic gloves and mittens, they are comfy, cozy, and actually look cool enough for your kids to want to wear them.

Boys’ Knitted Gloves by Melton: These multi-colored gloves are fun, warm, and soft. They will take a beating and keep on ticking. Wash at home in cold water inside out, and line dry.

Gloves and Mittens - colorful gloves

Boys’ Knitted Gloves by Melton: Available in grey or black, they pair well with almost everything. So you won’t need to worry about buying a pair that matches every coat your kid owns.

Gloves and Mittens - dark gray

Tuff Kookooshka Boys’ Fleece Mittens: Fleece mittens. Need I say more? These things are so soft you will be tempted to steal them from your kids. Available in red, slate, brown, and navy.

Gloves and Mittens - red mittens

Summer Sunglasses

Summer calls for all the fun you can cram in to a three month time period. But summer isn’t all fun and games. Summer is hot, summer is bright, and you need protection. The sun is at its strongest in he summer, so we need to be sure we protect ourselves from its rays. That means sunscreen, proper sun protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses! The Boy’s Store has some great sunglasses from Real Kids Shades and Appaman. Real Kids Shades fit kids ages 2 and up, and Appaman sunglasses are perfect for older boys.

Boy’s Ballgame Sunglasses by Real Kids Shades: These fun shades are perfect for your little ballplayer, or fan. They feature a blue head-strap with baseball paraphernalia like baseballs, bats, and gloves. These shades will fit children ages 2-5 years old. Toss them in your kids backpack, the diaper bag, or keep them in the car for long days out on the run!


Boy’s Flex Glasses by Real Kids Shades: These fun shades are safe for young kids, they flex and bend to avoid being broken. Featured in three fun colors, lime green, red, and blue. Each pair comes with croaks for secure wear. Perfect for ages 3-7 years.


Boy’s Rockabilly Sunglasses by Appaman: These fun brown glasses are full of fun and style for older boys. They have a look similar to popular name brands and have a great price. Geared towards tween and young boys they are the perfect addition to any summer look.


BabyMio: Baby Gift

Spring is here and that usually means that baby showers are happening. While babies are born all year long, they seem to be more prevalent during the spring. It must be that most moms do not want to be pregnant during those long hot summer months. Just me? Well, if you have ever been pregnant in 100 degree heat you would wish for a spring baby too. Babymio is an excellent brand that creates fun and adorable baby items, the perfect gift for that baby shower you have coming up.

Babymio offers fun gifts like blankets, toys, and bibs that will keep baby soothed, covered, and happy. Which usually keeps mommy soothed, covered, and happy! And after all, if mom is happy, everyone is happy.

Giraffe Bib by Babymio: This fun little bib features a small baby giraffe on the left hand side of the bib. Covered in animal print, this bib is wild with cuteness.

BabyMio baby gift 1

Monkey Bib by Babymio: who doesn’t like to monkey around? This sweet bib features a small monkey and is covered in soft fuzzy texture. Baby and mommy will love the softness.

BabyMio baby gift 2

Giraffe Tag-a-long Blanket by Babymio: Tag-a-long blankets seem to be incredibly popular now. Babies love the softness and the adorable little animals, in this case a giraffe, because they make it easier to hold and play with. Moms love that they are easy to pack and take anywhere.

BabyMio baby gift 3

Monkey Tag-a-long Blanket by Babymio: The perfect gift for a baby shower, add it to the bib and gift the perfect gift-set. Monkey plush is the new black!

BabyMio baby gift 4