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Egg Hunt Level: Expert

Are you looking to make the Easter Egg hunt a little more difficult this year? Those brightly colored eggs make the hunt way too easy. Why not make it a little bit harder for those eggs to be found?

If you have older kids, or even younger kids good with a challenge, you may want to try this. Camouflage eggs. You can create your own by dyeing hard-boiled eggs, or you could purchase plastic eggs that are already decorated. No matter which option you choose be ready for a VERY LONG egg hunt.

Strategically place those eggs in places where they will blend decently. If you choose the hard-boiled option make sure you write down where they are all hidden and how many you hid. Because if they are not all found you WILL regret it. 

Now sit back and watch as your kids all run frantically trying to comb through the yard to find the camo eggs. You could even make it a game and supply a prize to whomever collects the most. Parents could get in on the fun as well. Egg hunts will never be the same again!

Spring Break Boredom Busters!

Spring Break started this week, and I have already heard those dreaded words, I’m BORED. Well not this year guys. I have planned to have play-dates every day of the week. Right now my kids are in the backyard with friends. I even checked out a few ideas for how to keep the boredom at bay.

The Dating Divas have a long list of Boredom Busters that every parent should have this spring break. Whether your kids are in to art, outdoor play, or indoor play, the list has something for EVERYONE. I am hoping that by having a friend over every day and implementing some of these boredom busters we will eliminate that dreaded phrase all week long.

We started out our week with some outdoor fun. Since the west coast has some gnarly storms coming in midweek we are taking advantage of some decent weather while we can. Currently my kids are all outside in the middle of scavenger hunt. We even got out our dress up kit and they are all decked out as pirates while they look for treasure. Instant fun! Be sure to check out the 60+ Boredom Busting ideas listed at The Dating Divas. You will definitely be glad you did!

Tetris Magnets: Travel Games

Are you looking for a fun activity to keep your kids busy on long car rides or plane travel this spring break? We try to keep activities and games in the car or in our game bag during travel. We know that the kids are in better spirits when they are busy and entertained, and so are we. We keep the usual, books, board games, coloring materials, toy cars, etc. But we always love to keep something that is unexpected that will keep the kids attention a little longer.

I stumbled upon the blog Moms and Crafters and was impressed by their Tetris Magnets. My kids love to build, and they puzzles, so I figured this might be something they would be interested in.

For those of you not born in the 80’s, Tetris was a video game that allowed you to create a wall with different sized and shaped bricks. You had to make them fit by changing the way they fell and formed together.

Moms and Crafters has created a fun real-life multidimensional version with wooden beads and magnets. This appealed to me on two levels, they were going to be able to build and learn while playing, and it had magnets so it was easy to keep together and not lose. Check out the full tutorial on Moms and Crafters now. You can add this little set of toys to your at home games or  bring it on the road with you like we do. The magnets can be dangerous for younger children, so watch younger kids or do not allow them to play with them. My six year old loves this, but I wouldn’t trust my two year old with them. Enjoy!