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Halloween Style: Discounts Abound at The Boy’s Store!

Our new website is up and running and we have discounted a lot of goodies in order to accommodate some new inventory. That means if you are looking for some inexpensive Halloween finds you may want to rush in.

Boys Haunted Raglan Shirt by Wes and Willy: This fun raglan tee is always a great choice in October. Now you can get it for only $5.00, you can even earn rewards point on it!

Boys Ghostly Scare Socks by Jefferies Socks: These adorable halloween themed ghost socks are a steal at only $2.50 they are spooktacular!

Boys’ Dracula ACC Tee by Appaman: Bram Stoker has nothing on Appaman. This Dracula shirt isn’t just spooky, its hip and cool. Get ready for a bleh-bleh blast of a holiday.

Fall Clothes: Micros

The weather is finally changing here in SoCal, even though it had already started to turn across the country, and we are enjoying the cooler temps and breezes. It means that we are getting cooler mornings and cooler evenings and we will be wanting those light jackets to keep us comfortable in the early and late hours of the day. We love to layer in SoCal. We toss a long sleeved jacket or sweater on in the morning and by midday we shed it to enjoy the warm sun. It is nice to only need a light cover to stay comfortable through most of the fall.

This year I am loving the flannel shirt. So is my youngest, who really wants to be just like daddy, and pairs his flannels with his favorite t-shirt. I wanted to be sure to have plenty of lightweight layering shirts for this transitional season and I knew that The Boy’s Store always has what I need. Micros, American Vintage, and Hartstrings have some awesome flannels and plaids.

Boys’ Flannel Plaid Button Up Shirt by American Vintage: This lovely orange and blue-gray flannel is warm with soft flannel and is perfect as an extra layer for that cooler fall weather.

Boys’ Plaid Dress Shirt by Hartstrings: This light plaid shirt is perfect for layering with a tee, wearing alone, or wearing as a casual dress shirt.

Boys’ Woven Plaid Shirt by Micros: This woven charcoal and blue plaid is a great addition to a fall wardrobe.

Fall Clothes Are Coming!

It may seem as if Fall weather is never coming our way, but maybe if we stock up on fun Fall clothing the weather will change. If you buy it, it will change. I mean it is worth a try. I love Fall clothing. The flannels, the jackets, the sweaters, and the boots. It screams comfort and simplicity to me. My kids love Fall just as much as I do and we spend a lot of time outdoors even in the cooler weather. I try to make sure they have plenty of warm comfortable clothes they can play in. Thank goodness for the Eland & American Vintage line. Their clothes are simple, warm, and casual. They are perfect for a Fall afternoon outdoors.

Boys Henley Waffle Weave Shirt by E-Land: This henley is made of waffle weave cotton. It is so comfortable it almost makes me wish I could wear my sons clothes. It is perfect for cooler weather and long days in the yard or walks to the playground.

Boys’ Motorcycle Shirt by American Vintage: My little guy loves motorcycles. He thinks that they are the coolest thing in the world and wants one already. That is a big no on the mom-dar for me, but at least he can have a fun shirt that shows off his love of two-wheels.

Boys’ Chino Pants by American Vintage: Camouflage pants are all the rage in our house. Grandpa loves them, and that means little man loves them. So we try to make sure to always have at least one pair on hand.

Boy’s Canvas Barn Jacket by Eland Kids: Daddy, Grandpa, and Papa all have their own Barn jackets, so of course little man needs one too. He just loves running around the yard with all his favorite men in his matching Barn Jacket.