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Good Boy Friday: Brand Highlight!

Since this is our anniversary year we have decided that each month we will highlight one brand and share one incredibly stylish outfit from that brand. This month we are sharing Good Boy Friday!

Good Boy Friday was a fun brand focused on creating stylish and unique designs for boys. Their clothes feature high quality fabric, bold and fun colors, and are comfortable for active boys to wear all day long. Their philosophy is to give boys better options for play wear and dress wear.

This month we want to share a fun outfit perfect for play. Boys love to be comfortable but who says comfort has to compromise style? Good Boy Friday feels like the two should not cancel one another out, that is why they offer fun, stylish, and comfortable clothes like this outfit.

Chambray Sweatpants

Good Boy Friday outfit

Chambray Baseball Button-Up Shirt

Good Boy Friday Chambray Shirt

This fun baseball inspired outfit is made of soft blue and navy sweats with a chambray style look. Your little boy will look like a vintage baseball star in this stylish and comfortable outfit.

City Threads: Hoodies Made in the USA

Here at The Boy’s Store we love brands that are earth conscious. One of the ways to be earth conscious besides using organic materials is to be made in the USA. By being made in the USA you don’t need to travel, ship, or make things in more than one place. This causes less pollution in the world. It also guarantees more jobs in the USA. One of the brands that loves to offer made in the USA products is City Threads. City Threads makes an effort to make USA based products available for kids, they also make an effort to bring stylish and comfortable products to kids. This week we want to highlight the incredibly cool hoodies that achieve both of these goals, they are mad in the USA, and they are incredibly stylish and comfortable.

City Threads Boy’s Skulls Hoodie: This heather charcoal long-sleeved hoodie features a skull screen print that will impress the boys. It is also made in the USA which will impress Mom and Dad.


City Threads Boy’s Hooded Snowboard Shirt: this red hooded shirt is perfect for that snowboarder in your life. It is also perfect for winter.


City Threads Boy’s Ninja Hooded Shirt: Hiya! This black hooded shirt will make any little ninja ready to kick it. Warm and comfortable its perfect for cold winter days.


Dapper Dude Duds: New Appaman Looks

Appaman is all about making clothes with style, clothes that are fun, and clothes that are cool. So it really isn’t a surprise that their new items look so cool they make us want to freeze. Their new bow ties, and suspenders are perfect for dressing up your boys’ looks this fall. Pre-order them now and you will soon be staring at one dapper dude when your little man is dressed in these fancy duds.

Appaman Boys Red Dot Bow Tie: this dapper dude dud features red and blue polka dots. The pops of color are perfect for adding a little excitement to a normally boring bow tie. This never boring look will pair well with any Appaman suspenders, shirts, and pants.

Appaman Boys Logo Suspenders: these suspenders feature the ever popular Appaman logo, the Appaman monkey, and will be one of the best looks for the fall. They are fun, funky, and functional. Your little dapper dude will be so stylish they may mistake him for an Appaman model.

Appaman Boys Suspenders: these Appaman suspenders are available in a traditional blue and grey combination. But don’t let their traditional look fool you. They are straight up style. Pair them with some fabulous looks from Appaman and get a dressy look, or pair them with same fun and funky looks form Appaman for a casual funk for a day at school. The possibilities are endless.

Appaman Boys Striped Suspenders: these stripes suspenders are available in two different colors: Olive and Orange. Buy one or buy both and complete your perfect Appaman look.