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Giving Thanks: Make a Gratitude Wall

This yer my family has been very lucky and privileged to do a lot of traveling and see a lot of different places. We made it to two big cities on our travel bucket list. We did a lot of sight seeing and learned a lot of historical things about the cities, and our country.

As with any travel we spent a lot of money, more than I would have chosen to spend. But we are very lucky to work hard and had the opportunity to put money away for these trips. Not everyone can do that. While on our trips we also saw a lot of people, people from all sorts of different walks of life. Since we visited big cities we also so a lot of people that live in abundance, and those that live with nothing. It brought up some questions with my kids. They were curious. They had seen homeless and people that lived on the streets before. But big cities have so many it is hard not to feel and see the difference.

When we returned home we began talking about things that can be done for people who are not as fortunate as we are. My children’s school does a toy drive for less fortunate kids every holiday season. We have already chosen to donate for each child attending the school. However, we also wanted to do something to remind us just why we are as fortunate as we are. We wanted to thank the universe for the life we have been lucky enough to live.

In the past we have done a thankful turkey, we put little paper feathers in it that we all write something we are thankful for every day of November. However, a mouse invaded our attic this year and our poor turkey was destroyed. So this year I was in search of something new. And lo and behold I found the Gratitude Wall, thank you to for the incredible inspiration. created this simple version here. We have a large chalkboard in our living room and have chosen to use it as our board. But we have chosen to write something we are grateful for every day. Today I wrote that I was thankful for my healthy family. Health has always been a struggle this time of year, and this year I am thankful that we are able to enjoy the season with our health intact. What would you write for today?


Save the Pumpkin: Pumpkin Preserving DIY!

We all love to carve a pumpkin at Halloween. But they go bad so quickly! We have resorted to painting them in years past but now the kids are older and they are demanding a carving session. I love a carved pumpkin. They are so sweet to light and enjoy during the nights leading to Halloween, and they make a house look ready on Halloween night. I hate to see them rot. So this year we are researching ideas to keep them from rotting too soon.

I found several ideas and asked several friends what has worked best for them in the past. And I have come to the conclusion that nothing is perfect, but there are several ways to keep the rotting from happening too soon.

We have gathered a couple of ideas for you to try out. We hope that this helps you to enjoy some of your favorite carved pumpkins this fall. And learn a new technique for pumpkin preserving.

preserving pumpkins pumpkin preserving technique

Jackets, Coats, and Sweaters OH MY!

Summer may be over, but the weather hasn’t quite caught up. But soon we will have wonderful cool breezy days and nights that require lovely long sleeves. It is hard to imagine it now, but I promise you, cold weather is coming! I imagine the soft cool morning breezes and the sweet afternoons without blistering heat when I drink my coffee int he morning. I am looking forward to allowing my kids to play outside anytime of the day now without warning them that they will get too overheated if they run and ride bikes in the afternoon.

Fall weather is such a blessing. It’s cool, but not freezing. It’s warm but not hot. It is that lovely time of year when you can play outside and enjoy activities without the overwhelming threat of heat exhaustion. Kids and parents alike can enjoy the crisp cool weather, but unfortunately, only our kids can enjoy the really cool jackets, coats, and sweaters available at The Boy’s Store.

This season you can find great styles from le top, La Miniatura, and Appaman.

le top Boys’ Motorcycle JacketĀ : This fun little motorcycle jacket is so cool everyone will want it. Sizing starts at 2T but goes all the way to size 7 in boys.

jackets, coats and sweaters

La Miniatura Boys’ Bomber JacketĀ : This bomber jacket is always a hit with boys. Its bright colors makes it fun and its so comfortable they never want to take it off.

Boys’ Varsity Jacket by Appaman: Because every boy wants to feel like a major sports star. This fun jacket makes them feel like they are major league players, even if they aren’t.

All of these fun jackets and more are available now. Many are even available with free shipping! So hurry in now to pick up some cool weather necessities ahead of the rush!