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Great Green Toys: Toy Train and Book Set

The holidays are here, and they are probably causing you just a little bit of stress. Do you have all of the gifts you need? Are you just a few short? Every one is scrambling to get the last of their goodies. We love to help our readers out, and we love to help other small businesses out. This year we wanted to share a sweet and fun gift perfect for any boy, or girl!

Green Toys is a great company that makes all of their items in the United States, and they are 100% recycled. They are perfect for playing, learning, and growing. It is important to teach our kids and not just entertain them. This fun toy, Train and Storybook giftset, will help to feed your kids imagination, fuel their love for reading, and teach them the importance of being green. It is made from 100% recycled plastic and is even packaged with recycled materials and printed with soy inks. Our kids are inheriting this Earth, and with all that they will learn they will know the importance of taking care of it. With toys like this they will see that taking care of the Earth happens in everything we do, even in our toys. Instill in them the importance of caring about something, and doing something about it.

toy train and book set

Head on over to Green Toys to see more of their fantastic and Earth-Friendly toys. You just might find that last minute gift you need so much! And with the gift of fun will come the gift of the future.

American Made: The Boy’s Store




We like to think that we are environmentally conscious here at The Boy’s Store. We stock clothes that are organically made, and locally made. In fact we offer a lot of American made quality items. Not only can you be assured that these items are made and distributed locally, they are also made here in America with American jobs. No outsourcing, just pure American made clothes. We know that in order to affect globally we have to act locally. By purchasing American made items you are not only helping to create and support American jobs you also cut down on the carbon footprint because the items are grown, cultivated, manufactured, and distributed locally. No more transatlantic shipping.

Many of our favorite brands understand this plight too. That is why a majority of our favorites are made here in America. Brands like Flap Happy, Dogwood, Hank Player, City Threads, Wee Winter Woolies, Good Boy Friday, Tuff Kookooshka, and Kiwi Industries. These brands make sure that the product you get has been designed, and manufactured in the USA. This means that your favorite looks have been made here at home.

Now that so many great brands are made here in America you can have your pick of great style. You can mix and match looks from different brands, and different collections. Your kids don’t have to be stifled in the style department when you buy only American Made brands. So be sure to check out our incredible selection of American Made items, the variety may make your ability to make a decision on what to buy be the truly hard part!

Great New Styles: Wugbug Collection

This month at The Boy’s Store we are excited about our new Wugbug Collection. Wugbug is a great brand that focuses on making organic clothing in the USA. All of the Wugbug Collection is hand-dyed with phthalate-free ink and low-impact dyes and feature only the highest fine-combed organic cotton. Wugbug takes their inspiration from nature. That is why their fantastic styles highlight grand elements of nature, including bugs and insects, animals, and plants and foliage in nature.

Like most great brands they started small, but before long they became quite the craze and that is why we are so impressed with them this month. So head on over now to check our incredible tees with bold colors and prints that will make your boys bug out with excitement!

Frog Shirt by Wugbug Clothing: This aqua blue short-sleeved tee features a fantastically fun print of a frog on its lily pad late at night. The bugs are out and flying around and the stars are twinkling bright. Boys will love this froggy tee and its serene yet playful print.


Honeybee Shirt by Wugbug Clothing: This bright yellow short-sleeved tee is screaming wear me! The honeycomb screen print is fun and features an enormous honeybee. It is vibrant and very fun and just a little sweet too.


Mantis Shirt by Wugbug Clothing: This vibrant green long-sleeved tee is the perfect look for fall. The mysteriously majestic mantis is front and center. Boys love Praying Mantis’ because they are strong looking, fierce, and yet serene all at the same time. This majestic mantis appears to be the king of the insects on this great tee and will certainly be the king of the closet as well!


We are in love with all the great new looks from Wugbug and we cannot wait for our friends to see all of the great styles we are now carrying from Wugbug. So scurry on over to The Boy’s Store and check them out!