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November 2017: The season of the Vest

We are totally feeling vests this season. Have you seen how dapper your little man looks in a vest? It’s enough to melt your little mom heart. I make sure my son dresses up at least twice a year, Thanksgiving and Easter. Christmas I am lucky if he and his siblings leave their presents long enough to brush their teeth let alone dress up. But Thanksgiving is MY day. I dress everyone up and we take a family photo when we are all together with the cousins and grandparents. This year I even got him in a full suit at a family wedding, so this year I am thinking something snazzy, dapper, and fun for Thanksgiving. Hence — the vest.

I am keeping it simple with slacks, a dress shirt, and a vest. Luckily The Boy’s Store is here to help me. The Boy’s Store has several choices available for my perfect Thanksgiving day outfit for my little man.

Here are a few options:

Boys’ Tailored Vest by Appaman: This lighter colored Phineas Plaid vest would be great in photos. Its lighter tones would even allow for this to be saved for Easter if your little man doesn’t outgrow it between now and spring.

boy's vest by Appaman

Boys’ Tailored Vest by Appaman: This darker Greign Plaid vest will look great on Thanksgiving. Pair it with a white or colored shirt and you could even dress it up with a smart little bowtie!

Vest for boys

Houndstooth Vest by La Miniatura: This birch colored houndstooth vest is epic. It has texture, color, and style.

boys vest by la miniatura
Join me in the season of the vest for your little man and a fabulous Holiday family picture.

American Made: The Boy’s Store




We like to think that we are environmentally conscious here at The Boy’s Store. We stock clothes that are organically made, and locally made. In fact we offer a lot of American made quality items. Not only can you be assured that these items are made and distributed locally, they are also made here in America with American jobs. No outsourcing, just pure American made clothes. We know that in order to affect globally we have to act locally. By purchasing American made items you are not only helping to create and support American jobs you also cut down on the carbon footprint because the items are grown, cultivated, manufactured, and distributed locally. No more transatlantic shipping.

Many of our favorite brands understand this plight too. That is why a majority of our favorites are made here in America. Brands like Flap Happy, Dogwood, Hank Player, City Threads, Wee Winter Woolies, Good Boy Friday, Tuff Kookooshka, and Kiwi Industries. These brands make sure that the product you get has been designed, and manufactured in the USA. This means that your favorite looks have been made here at home.

Now that so many great brands are made here in America you can have your pick of great style. You can mix and match looks from different brands, and different collections. Your kids don’t have to be stifled in the style department when you buy only American Made brands. So be sure to check out our incredible selection of American Made items, the variety may make your ability to make a decision on what to buy be the truly hard part!

Time For Shorts!

It is May and it is really warming up out there. So it isn’t surprising that our boys are already eager to throw their cold weather things away and break out their shorts. School is winding down, with only about a month left most boys have the bug. The summer bug. They want shorts, T-shirts, tanks, swim shorts, water, and fun. Well we can’t really let them have it all yet, but we can get them started on some summer looks by breaking out the shorts. The Boy’s Store has some great shorts for your boys so head on over and check out some of our favorites now. You and your boys will be happy.

Mountaineer Shorts by Wes and Willy: these medium weight shorts are perfect for boys. They are easily washed, comfortable, and durable. They come with 6 great pockets for all the gear your boys could possibly imagine they need with them. They are available in iron, sage, and tan. Perfect colors to mix and match with just about anything.

Boy's shorts by Wes and WIlly

Mesh Athletic Shorts by Wes and Willy: boys love these shorts, they are the easiest thing to put on in the morning. They are incredibly comfortable and make any kid feel like a star athlete. Available in black, green, red, and white you can pick your boys favorite color or the color that matches their favorite team.

boy's athletic shorts by Wes and WIlly

Rocker Shorts by Knuckleheads: what boy doesn’t want to look hip, cool, and sport rocker chic looks? These rocker inspired threads come in grey and olive and when matched with the right tee will make your little man look like his favorite rocker, or at least feel like him!

>Boy's rocker shorts by Knuckleheads Clothing

Stanton Shorts by Appaman: available in galaxy, mist, or black these versatile shorts are perfect for a school outfit, summer outfit, or lounging in the house playing video games outfit. Your boys will love the easy feel, look, and style of these shorts.

Boy's shorts by Appaman

Summer may not be here quite yet but it is definitely on its way. Stock up and get your boys some comfortable yet stylish shorts now at The Boy’s Store.