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Outdoor Gaming Table: D.I.Y.

We spend a lot of time outside during the summer. We try to have as many outdoor activities to enjoy as we can. Recently we started creating fun little seating groups in our yard for spending time together as a family and for entertaining. Our kids loved the idea of having an outdoor gaming table so they could play with friends and with us. We found this fun tutorial online from Shanty-2-Chic, a great blog about DIY from two women.

I loved the idea that we could create this table at home. Also, I loved that it was two women showing us how to make the table. My boys and my girls were impressed by the skills these women had. I loved that they were seeing someone other than a man build and use power tools. it is so important for boys and girls to see strong women. I also loved how simple the tutorial was to follow. Now we have a fun new table to use in the yard, and I didn’t have e to purchase an overpriced item in a big store.

Outdoor gaming table

For the full tutorial head on over to Shanty-2-Chic now. They have many amazing tutorials for building and DIY. You can find anything from tables to beds to planters. Check them out and you may just discover a love for a new hobby.

Feel free to share with us, in the comments below, how you spend family time in the great outdoors.

Summer Fun: Squirt Gun Race!

Summer is filled with fun, activities, and outrageous games that will bring us joy forever.  We want you and your kids to make memories this summer that wont just last until next school year, we want them to last forever. Our kids are only little for a short time, so lets enjoy them now and have all the fun we can fit in to one lifetime.

Grandmas know what it is like to have time pass. They have watched us grow and change, and now they are watching our kids grow and change. They created the most amazing games when we were kids, and they haven’t slowed down yet. These three grandma’s are never going to slow down, because This Grandma is Fun! This Grandma is Fun is a great blog written by three sisters, each are now grandmas, and they love to create and share memories with their families and their readers. They have a fun summer game that will get everyone in on the action. Squirt Gun Races are perfect for summer fun, and everyone no matter their age or activity level can join in. So hurry on over to TGIF to get the full tutorial on creating your own Squirt Gun Race for your family this summer.


Now you and your whole family will enjoy the carnivalesque fun that comes with this squirt gun race. It is simple to create, and is filled with lots of explosive fun. Recreate it at the park, the backyard, or the pool! We hope you and your family have a blast!

Shaving Cream Slip n’ Slide: Outdoor Fun


We know that sometimes kids can get very bored during the summer, and there is only so much money to go around to keep them busy and entertained all summer long. That’s why we like to find fun and cheap thrills that will keep our boys busy, preferably for hours but we take what we can get during the long summer. This month we found a fun and cheap way to keep those boys outside and happy for quote a long while.

Almost every town has a Dollar Tree or Dollar Store. These places are fabulous because you can pick up a lot of things for practically nothing at all. Which can come in handy when you need to occupy some kiddos on the cheap. And this months activity can be easily supplied on the cheap at any dollar store.

This month we found a great outdoor idea from blogger Jessie at Play.Create.Explore. She has a fun and outrageous activity that will let those crazy boys get down and dirty while sliding around and goofing around. She calls it Shaving Cream Slip N Side. All you need is a plastic table cloth, a can of shaving cream, and a few really bored boys. Soon your boys will be slipping, sliding, and even painting with the shaving cream.

What You Will Need:

Plastic Table Cloth
Shaving Cream

What You Will Do:

1. Lay out the plastic table cloth in your grass in the backyard.
2. Take the can of shaving cream and empty the whole thing out on the tablecloth.
3. Now let your boys go nuts and slip n slide till they can’t slip anymore!

Don’t forget to check out some other great and fun ideas from Play.Create.Explore. and see some incredible pictures of this and other great tutorials.