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Summer Bucket List


Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kiddos busy this summer? Why not create a summer bucket list? Create a list of all the fun things you and your kids want to do this summer. You can set limits for money, time or place, or just let your kids think wild and crazy. It will not only spark their imagination it is also a great way to learn more about their hopes and desires.

What You Will Need:

Bucket or pail
Lots of paper or post it notes
Pens and pencils
A wild imagination

What You Will Do:

Give everyone in the family about 10 post it notes, and a pencil and let them come up with 10 fun things they want to do this summer. If you have a budget, time schedule, or place you have to stay let everyone know they can only choose something within those limits. Now watch as everyone fills their notes. Have them share them all with the family, that way if they are too outrageous you can suggest a similar idea on a smaller scale, like instead of a trip around the world how about a road trip to the next county? Then put them all in the bucket and each day, or every weekend, take turns picking one from the bucket until you have completed all of your bucket list!

You will be excited to see what everyone chooses, and it will be fun to check things off your list like eating the biggest banana split for dinner, or ca,ping out under the stars. The possibilities are endless so enjoy!

Sun Safety: The Boy’s Store

Here at The Boy’s Store we care about our boys, that is why we make sure we carry important summer sun safety items to help keep your boys safe outside all summer long.

UVA rays are the first of the worries when it comes to sun exposure. UVA Rays cause aging of the skin, and can cause skin cancer called melanoma. UVB Rays are another danger, these rays cause sunburn, contribute to immune system issues, and also cause melanoma. Melanin is a chemical in our skin that tries to protect us from these rays. The darker your skin the more melanin you have, but this does not mean you are immune to sun exposure and shouldn’t cover up. What it does mean is you may be safer with less protection, whereas a light colored skinned person will need higher protection. You also need higher protection if you have freckles, moles, fair hair, or a family history of skin cancer.

Now everyone should cover up, especially during the strongest sun exposure part of the day, 10am to 4pm. Cover up includes:

Long clothing
Sunblock (The American Pediatrics Association suggest an SPF of 30 or higher for children 6 months and older.)


Here at The Boy’s Store we offer many different types of hats, sunglasses, and cover ups, tees, or rash guards that can help protect you child during their outdoor festivities of the summer days. We offer boys favorite brands like Knuckleheads, Wes and Willy, Flap Happy, and Appaman. Each offer a wide array of hats to protect your son during those hot summer days. Each of these brands also offer great rash guards and tees that will help keep them protected from harsh summer rays, without being uncool for keeping a’shirt on at the beach or pool. The Boy’s Store even offers a great selection of Real Kids Shades. Each pair of shades offers 100% UV protection.


So before you get your boys ready for some fun in the sun make sure you check to make sure they are protected! 20130626-123743.jpg

Summer Games: Balloon Noodles


Are your kids looking for some fun outdoor group games to play when their friends come over this summer? Are you having a birthday party or summer party and need a new great game to keep everyone busy? Well we may have found the perfect game. has a fun new idea for groups to play outside this summer. This Balloon Noodle game is fun for all ages and would make an excellent addition to your party game collection. What is so much fun about the game is watching people learn how to manipulate the balloons around the yard and eventually into the basket using only their pool noodles. It is also a great game to teach cooperation and teamwork because many players will find they need help from other noodles to get their balloons where they are supposed to be.

What You Will Need:

Pool noodles
Scissors (cut each pool noodle in half so that each player has one noodle short enough to hold and wield, also saves money on noodles)
Laundry basket (depending on how many players you have you may want two or more baskets)

What You Will Do:

1. Place inflated balloons all over the backyard.
2. Place the laundry baskets about 5-10 feet apart in the center of the hard.
3. Give each player a half of a pool noodle.
4. Tell each player they have 5 minutes to try and get as many balloons as possible into the baskets. Using only their pool noodle, nothing else can touch the balloon.
5. To play with teams have each team have to get a specific color balloon into their basket. Team with the most balloons in their basket wins.

Now have fun, and don’t forget, their is no “I” in team!