Adventurous at Make at Home Dinner: Poke Bowls

Recently our kids have been excited to try new and exciting foods. Our kidd love Sushi, but it can get expensive taking little kids to Sushi dinners. So instead we recently tried a local Poke place that the kids LOVED. We enjoy teaching the kids how to make their own food and we decided to try some simple Poke bowls at home.

we found this fun and simple Ahi Tuna Poke and Mango Salad bowl from Foodie Crush. The recipe was simple to follow and as long as you purchase your seafood from a reputable seller you should have too much to worry about. We bought ours from the butcher and it was very fresh and nice. The best hint I got from a butcher about fish and seafood is if it smells fishy then it is not good, if it smells like saltwater/the ocean then it is usually ok to eat.

We chose to substitute the garden salad mix with brown rice since our kids prefer their Poke with rice. Despite the switch we found that the recipe was delicious! We will definitely plan to make this again at home. Head on over to Foodie Crush for some amazing Poke ideas!

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