Summer Bug Hunt: Learning About Bugs!

We love bugs here. My two and a half year old in fact is the biggest bug nerd I have ever met in my life. Just yesterday I was watching as a fly flew around the living room. Silly me I went to get a fly swatter. What did my two year old do? Well have you ever seen The Karate Kid? Yep, you guessed it. That poor fly, didn’t see those quick hands coming. That poor fly was caught right between those pudgy little toddler fingers and brought right to me for inspection. Wings all off kilter, that poor guy hopefully had a quick end. But it made me think, perhaps my two and a half year old needs a more constructive way to capture bugs for examination. So I began looking up books about bugs and set out to find a fun bug collection kit.


I found this adorable and educational book, Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi and Illustrations and photos by Brendan Wenzel. This great book is perfect for toddlers. It features beautiful pictures that are realistic and fun, the bright colors really attract kids and make them more excited to learn about the bugs pictured. The text is easy to read and understand and is perfect for a read-aloud story-time, which we do a lot of with our kids. The rhyming words keep the text succinct and keep little ears more interested than just a rambling on of trivia. I was so happy to see how perfect this book was for my special bug education time.


Next I found this really cool bug catcher box, Adventure Kids Bug Catcher Box Set. It comes with Safety Tweezers, Transfer Capsule Viewsphere, Wrist Compass, and a Ventilated Examination Tank with 3X View Window. The perfect kit for collecting and examining the coolest bugs your house and yard have to offer.


I also ordered some really cool clear acrylic paperweights that have real bugs (dead) inside. So that the kids can examine them up close without fear of getting hurt, or hurting the bugs. I chose some of the ones that we have in our desert area that are dangerous and I don’t want the kids to play with but want them to recognize and be aware of so that they are safer from them. We chose a tarantula, scorpion, black widow, and a very large praying mantis. They were a huge hit with my kids and all their friends at share time during play group. I had a lot of other mommies ask me about where to purchase them so that their kids can use them too. I am an Amazon a prime member so I order most hinges from them so I can take advantage of free shipping. So if you are interested in many of these items check them out there, but they can probably be found elsewhere as well. I hope all your little buggy fiends enjoy their bug research.


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