Potty Training!!


We are attempting potty training in our house right now. It has been a bit of a trial. We have had some difficulty understanding why we sit on the potty. Sitting on it every hour seems fun, but nothing was happening. When we finally got some peepee action we were BEYOND excited. Not wanting to lose momentum with the excitement we rushed out to build a sticker rewards chart. Now we are training a girl, but in the past we have found other ways to keep the boys interested in potty training. But our favorite way to train any child has been with rewards. Kids need to know that what they are doing is good, so as soon as they do something you need to be overly excited and find a way to reward them. Tap into your child’s loves. Our little girl is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. The boys were obsessed with Cars. So we knew that whatever we did had to include those things.

Sticker Rewards Chart:

We love this idea. It gives just enough pressure for the child to want to go in order to fill their sticker chart, but not so much pressure that they feel overwhelmed. Each sticker feels like a reward on it’s own, but when you get one whole days worth in a row, 6 stickers on our chart, you get a small toy. Get a whole week get a large toy. You get one sticker for a peepee, and two stickers for a poop.

You can make your own or check out some great ones on the web. Bluedinosaurs.com has some great ones, they even have a Cars themed one. We went with Mickey Mouse this time and some great Mickey Mouse Stickers. Each time we are successful we do a happy dance and breakout the sticker book. She gets to choose one sticker and LOVES putting it in place.

Potty training tips:

Hourly trips- If your child goes poop or pee at a certain time each day you know you should runt he to the potty before that time, prep them, and wait with them. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often. Our daughter NEVER goes at the same time. So we started with hourly trips. Every hour we head to the potty and take a seat.

Busy time activities- We keep a large pile of books in there for us to read to her while she waits.

Reassurance- We usually wait about 10 minutes if she hasn’t gone we try to reassure her that there will be something next time. They may not seem upset about not going but they do pick up on huge fact that you seem disappointed so try to be reassuring and hopeful for next time.

Rewards- when the big time finally comes be VERY EXCITED. We usually have an impromptu dance party. This makes it different than when they don’t go and all we do is clean up and leave. By hanging out, screaming, clapping, and dancing we show that something great has just happened. Then we get cleaned up and break out our stickers.

Extras- with boys we noticed that they had less excitement about going. So we tried using different tools to get them excited to stop playing and try using the potty. We would put blue food coloring in the toilet so that when they peed the water changed color, green. We also used Cheerios as targets for them to aim at when they learned standing up.

No matter which method you choose remember that it takes 21 days for an adult to learn a new habit, so why should we expect our kids to pick something up lickety-split? This will take time, there will be accidents, but at the end of it all your little boy or girl will be a big boy or girl. Good luck!!

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