DIY Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Kit

Space is the ultimate frontier, and my kids are constantly asking me questions about this amazing thing that they think must only float above the sky in the dark of night. We have talked a lot about the Solar System recently and we have started to learn a bit more about the world around us. My kids love to learn and they love to do hands-on activities that give them real-world experiences.

They have been very inquisitive recently about the way that the Solar System works and where it goes during the day. My husband and I have decided that it was time to help them gain a better understanding so we purchased are going to purchase a fun DIY kit that will let them build their own Solar System. We found a set that is easy for kids under 7 to complete and we jumped on it.

This kit from Amazon allows for the kids to paint their own planets (it even has glow-in-the-dark paint) and hang it in their room. We will use the kit to experiment with flashlights so that the kids can see how the planets move and why things are not visible in the daylight. Since the planets are styrofoam and can hang we can mimic the movement of the sun and the planets with the flashlight.

The kit is very simple and very fun. It is sure to wow any kid, or adult, that has a fascination with the planets and space. Check it out now at Amazon.

Copycat Recipes at Home: Cheesecake Factory Southwest Eggrolls

I love to eat out, but with my allergies and two small children it is often more than I am willing to endure for a good meal. Instead, I choose to make my own food at home and try to copy my favorite recipes. I love being able to not only know what is in my food but also to be able to make more than one meal and freeze half.

This month I am craving the Southwest eggrolls from the Cheesecake factory. I hate traveling with my caravan of chaos to enjoy my delicious eggrolls though, so instead I will be making them at home and enjoying them while my caravan of chaos sits at the dining room table and then as soon as they are finished I can pretend to enjoy a meal with my husband while they run around the table enjoying their pre-bath fun.

Working parents have it hard. We have to be both at home for the kids, and at work for our boss. I try to find a balance between the two, and that often means making things ahead of time so that we can enjoy a few stolen moments to help with homework or listen to a story about the news around 2nd grade. One reason I enjoy making meals like this is that I can double the recipe and make things on a day I have time, and freeze them for later when I do not have as much time.

Thank you to great blogs like Dinner and Dessert that help me to find fun and exciting recipes I can enjoy with my family. The full tutorial is on their site and can be accessed by the link. It is simple to follow and can be altered to fit your family. For example, we are gluten-free and I simply pre-purchase gluten free eggroll wraps that I can use for meals like this one. I also double the recipe so that I can save half for another day. Do not be afraid to alter recipes, sometimes it is best if you can follow it exactly, but sometimes a little customization is the best way to live.

Best Boy Books: Movement and Books!

We love highlighting new books every month. This month we wanted to highlight one that would not only give your little one a love for reading but also a love for moving! This fun book encourages kids to get up and move. So much of our time now is ruled by a screen, so it is great when we can find ways to interact with our kids without a screen!

Boogie Monster by Josie Bissett encourages kids to get up and shake their bodies! The Boogie Monster loves to travel the world and he loves to dance. he discovers that no one dances the same, everyone has a unique dance style. He loves to show off dance moves, and he suggests many for your kids to try while reading. Ants in the pants dance, helicopter in the sky dance, and a bear after honey dance. It really motivates little readers to get up and shake their booty.

It is a fun book to read with toddlers and early readers. Just be ready to shake your booty!