Simple Meals: Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

Simple meals, like this Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza one, are my favorite. The less mess, the better. The less work, the better. This is the season of simple and straightforward. We have so much going on during the rush between Halloween and Christmas that I can barely breathe let alone plan a healthy fabulous meal 7 days a week. My new motto is to work smarter not harder. So I plan the week’s meals based on the intensity of our nights. On busy nights I plan the simplest meals. That way I do the least amount of work and prep on my busy nights and do not allow myself to feel guilty over it.

This week we are trying a new simple recipe I found on Pinterest. Pizza is always a hit, and we love a simple way to make it that doesn’t require us to purchase dough. But we do not want to sacrifice taste. This fun and quick recipe from Recipe Diaries is perfect for those fast-paced nights. Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizzas. Just the name sounds delicious.

Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

This Texas toast garlic bread pizza tutorial is simple to follow. And the website offers tons of incredible yet simple meals for your weeknights. Head on over now to get a few to try. We have selected several and will be sampling them in the coming weeks.

You can see some of our other boy (and family) friendly recipes by choosing our food & recipes tag on the side of this page or by visiting our favorite recipe board on Pinterest.

Sweater Season: The Boy’s Store Edition

Sweater season is now upon us. I love sweater season, not just because it is comfortable and warm, but also because I love seeing my little man all dapper and handsome in his sweet little sweaters. He loves to wear sweaters and loves a nice cardigan. I know one day his style will change, but at this fun in-between a toddler and a big kid stage he loves to dress like an adult in a little boys body. Thankfully, The Boy’s Store pretty fantastic sweaters for him to choose from.

Little Boys’ Waffle Weave Cardigan by Appaman:

This adorable sweater is perfect for a dress-up event, family photos, or if your little guy has a love of all things Mr. Rogers. Pair it with a great little bow-tie for some extra style!

Gray cardigan the sweater season staple item

Boys’ Mercer Sweater by Appaman:

The perfect pullover sweater for the fall and winter seasons. It works well as an extra layer on a cool day, a fancy top, or a casual yet sophisticated look. Pair it with jeans to dress it down and slacks to dress it up. The options are limitless.

Navy sweater season versatility

Little Boys’ Zip-up Cardigan by Appaman:

A zip-up cardigan makes for an easy day. It goes up and down with ease allowing your boys to layer up on cool days. Best of all, it is currently on sale for only $5. Hurry in!

A little yellow brightness on this cardigan for sweater season

Easy Meals: One Pan Crispy Parmesan Garlic Chicken

I love it when a meal comes together. When you have two working parents in one household it can make for a crazy schedule, which will lead to even crazier nights. I try to make sure that my family eats well. But that can be a struggle. I try to stick to simple ideas during the week. This week it is all about one pan or one dish recipes. The less clean up the better, the less work the better, and the less time to worry about it all the better!

Chicken is a simple fix. It can be made in so many unique and special ways, you can literally eat chicken every day of the week and never eat it the same way twice. I recently wanted to branch out with my chicken meals so I did a deep Pinterest dive, and I have found gold!

Thank you to The Recipe Critic for such a delicious and easy idea: one pan crispy parmesan garlic chicken and veggies. This dish has been a hit and I am loving it. The recipe is so fantastic it is hard to make it better. I simply switched out the parmesan bread crumbs for a gluten free version, because hello allergies, and the dish was still a huge hit. It also is a great meal for lunch at work the next day!

So be sure to head on over to The Recipe Critic for the full tutorial. You will be glad you did!