The ABC’s of Positive Parenting: A Book Review


Here at The Boy’s Store we care about children and we care about parents. We do our best to supply you with some of the most valuable information out there to help you in your pursuit of knowledge in raising and caring for your children. This month we have come across a gem called The ABC’s of Positive Parenting: A Creative Approach to Raising Children. This gem of a parenting book is written by a mother, Julie D. Hunter and here at The Boy’s Store we are very impressed.

It is wonderful to read a parenting help book that is written by a caring parent. While a lot of parenting books are written by people with advanced degrees who do have children themselves their books can sometimes come off dry and difficult to understand or utilize in the average readers life. Most mothers and fathers have a limited amount of time to devote to outside activities. Many work, have children, homes, and other responsibilities that keep them from dissecting and understanding a very large volume, no matter how helpful it may be in the end. There simply is not enough time in the day. And for a lot of parents, that type of highly educated literature can be confusing. With parenting help the best way to teach is to keep it simple. Not every parent has an advanced degree, some do not have a degree at all, and everyone should benefit from some parenting knowledge. So the best way to approach it is to keep it simple. Julie Hunter and her ABC’s of Parenting do exactly that.

Hunter keeps her thought process simple, direct, and easy to digest in a single sitting. Readers can gather all the knowledge she has to offer in her book by just going through the alphabet. She begins with her own background and introduction as to why she finds this approach so simple and effective, then she jumps right in to the alphabet. She touches on all the important fundamentals of child rearing: humor, kindness, love, patience, understanding, and zen. Hunter also makes it very clear that each child is different, and anyone who has more than one child can attest to the fact that personalities, strengths, and weaknesses vary from person to person. This is no different in children than it is in adults. So why wouldn’t you use a different approach with each child. You wouldn’t treat your boss the way you treat your best friend, so why treat each child the same? Hunter boils it all down to awareness. Being aware of your mood, your child’s mood, and the situation you are in will greatly help you to better deal with the problem at hand. Simply take on Hunter’s ABC’s and employ patience, motivation, diversions, or rewards as needed to remedy the situation.

Hunter’s book may seem small and to the point, but remember that the best things come in small packages. And the simpler and more straight-forward it is the easier it will be to employ in any difficult situation. So next time you need a little guidance just remember your ABC’s.

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