The Great Chore Debate

We have discussed chores on this blog before. Many parents agree that you need to give children chores in order to help them understand responsibility. Others say it is not a good idea to force kids to participate in household chores. We recently had a new baby in our family. We expected that mommy and daddy would have a lot more work after this new addition. We were surprised that our older child, age 4, stepped up to help out in the house with the new baby’s arrival.

We have always had small chores our 4 year old helped with like feeding the dogs, making the bed, setting the table. Now our 4 year old is even helping with he baby. Watching the baby while mommy and daddy get dinner ready, or get the bath ready. Bringing the baby toys, blankets, diapers, etc when they need them. Helping has become one of the ways our 4 year old expresses their love for the new baby. It is also a way to show us that they are a big kid now. We hear all day long, “I help because I’m not a baby, so I can help the baby.” We never considered the fact that they would want to help, and that it would be a sign of independence for them. They are very proud to be able to help now. So everyday we add a little more to their list of things they can help with. As long as they are comfortable with doing something and it is safe for them to do we have decided to let them try. What do you do in your household when a child starts to show an interest in helping out?

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