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Imagine GreenWear

IIMAGINE GreenWear is going back to the time when fabric prints were made with dyes, before the invention of modern screen inks. The combination of using certified organic cotton to make their garments and using only eco-friendly dyes for decoration makes their product the greenest in the imprinted sportswear industry. All products are designed and made in the USA.

Despite major ecological concerns of modern textile manufacturing and processing, clothing has not generally been on the radar of the Green initiative. IMAGINE GreenWear believes that sustainable clothing manufacturing is now becoming noticed, and will continue to do so with fresh fashion ideas. If the style is right, it just feels good to wear or buy organic clothes.

By offering an alternative to screen printing inks, IMAGINE GreenWear can make a difference in the industry which prints millions of images daily. Their dye printing process is very different than the inks used on all t-shirts and sportswear which have serious environmental and health concerns. The dyes they use are super soft and washable, and safe for the most delicate skin and the environment. Dyes are very versatile, and allow them to make fun, creative and all-over colorful graphic designs.

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