20 Books Your Boys Will Love: Roscoe Riley Rules #1 Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs

Roscoe Riley Rules #1

Boy books can sometimes be difficult to find. You want something that will interest your son but still have enough words in the text to teach them something new and help them to further their reading level. Boys are notorious for choosing books full of pictures like comic books or graphic novels. Many boys want or need to see in order to create a storybook world that they can enjoy. But some authors are so good at painting an image with their words they create incredible mental images that intrigue and fascinate our boys. Katherine A. Applegate is one of those authors.

Roscoe Riley Rules#1: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs is the first book in a series of 7 books that follows Roscoe Riley an accident-prone first-grader as he goes through his very crazy, chaotic, and mischievous daily life. Roscoe narrates his life for readers in a colorful and funny way. This story begins with Roscoe in class, his class is about to perform a bee-song for the school open house, but the kids are just far too wild to listen and sit still. Roscoe thinks he has the perfect answer: glue the students to their chairs. But this may cause more problems than he thinks. Roscoe is a fun and excitable child that is lovable and exciting to follow. The book also includes funny pencil drawings that will help entice readers and help them in their story-telling.

Roscoe continues his adventures in the series pulling even crazier stunts and getting into even more trouble. Boys will relate well to this lovable character and the story books will captivate readers from ages 4-8. It is a perfect series to read out loud with your boys for bedtime or story time. The simple and fun stories will help readers further their vocabulary and their reading levels. Not only will you help to create a great reader you will help create a love for reading with these funny books.

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