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Spooky Decor: Halloween Decoration DIY

It is September, and for many that means back-to-school routine, cooler weather, and shorter days. In our house, it means Halloween prep. We have already established that I love holidays. I decorate for Halloween and Christmas WAY before I should. It bother’s some people. I like to do it because ti brings me joy, it brings my family joy, and when people see it they are joyful too. We could use a little more joy in this world!

So do not be upset when I tell you I am already decorated for Halloween, and my kids already have their costumes. I am by no means an over achiever. I just enjoy certain things in life, and Halloween is one of them. So I have a fun and frugal Halloween decor idea for you to try. This year we created a Vampire Welcome Mat for our front door. Thank you to Megan Andersen at Creative Live for the fangtastic idea….. I kid.

What you will need:

– Jute doormat with rubber skid on the bottom (10$ at Home Depot)
– Pencil
– Box cutter or cutting blade
– Cutting mat
– Sharpie in pink, yellow or any other medium-light color
– Acrylic paint in white or unbleached titanium, black, and red
– Medium and small sized paint brushes
– Small paper plate

All of this is fun and simple stuff, much of it we already had. Thanks to Megan I now have a really cool and unique welcome mat for the front door this Halloween. The kids and their friends have already started commenting on how cool it is. I so rarely get to be the cool mom, so I enjoy getting these kudos at Halloween. After all, holidays are the times when parents get to be kids too!

DIY Backyard Games: Lawn Twister!

lawn twister

Twister is one of those fabulous games that kids of all ages love to play. It is wild, crazy, fun, and gets very interesting and more exciting the longer you play. But have you ever noticed it can be a little bit too wild of a game for the indoors? Have you ever thought of taking it outside? This might just be your chance. Backyard twister could be the next big thing for backyard parties.

Twister has always been a fun and well-loved game around the world. Kids and parents both love the game, so highly not find a way to make it the center of your next party? Sure you could just take your twister game outside, but if you live in a windy area like we do that isn’t quite as feasible. That’s why we love Show and Tell’s new twist on an old favorite, Lawn Twister! Show and Tell is a great blog written by 3 friends, Brooke, Monty, and Stacey. These three women want to share their recipes, crafts, activities, and ideas with the world and they are doing just that while figuring out how to juggle being a wife, motherhood, work, and the rest of all that fun stuff! So make sure you check out their awesome site and peruse their posts. You will definitely find something you can relate to! As for us, we want to Twister!

What You Will Need:

Four spray paint colors red, yellow, green, blue
Circle template (cardboard box with a circle cutout works great!)

Now head on over to Show and Tell for a great tutorial including easy-to-follow step-by-step photos. Then get ready to Twister!