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100 Children’s Books to Read Over a Lifetime

Books may only be filled with pages of words and pictures but they become part of who we are when we read them as children. They teach us how to love, how to play, how to imagine, how to feel, and how to interact. The characters become our first friends, they follow us through life. Amazon has catalogued 100 of the best and most influential children’s books to read in a lifetime. Many of them are classics every generation has become familiar with, some are brand new treasures that will soon make their own mark on the hearts and souls of children for years to come. No matter which are your favorites we are sure that they all have some special meaning to you.

Children's Books to readThe New Year is beginning today and that is the best time to create new hopes, dreams, and resolutions. This year why not make it a resolution to read more of these 100 books. Maybe there are some that you have never read, some you have only read once. Make your list. Pick the books you haven’t read and introduce them to your kids. Reading together will bring you closer together, but will also help your children learn more. As you check a new book off your list, add a new one. Together you will explore new worlds, characters, and subjects, what an incredible way to start the new year!