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Thanksgiving Potluck Appetizer

We are only days away from our Thanksgiving vacation at my kids’ school. This year the lower grades are having a potluck to celebrate and learn about the first Thanksgiving. I have to bring a potluck appetizer for my children to share. I usually bring something like a veggie tray, but that has already been promised by another family. Instead, I decided to branch out and try something fun.

Thank you to Crafts A La Mode for this fun twist on the cheeseball. This Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball will impress all of those elementary schoolers. It works because my kids and their friends are obsessed with cheese and crackers, the fact that it looks like a little turkey will make it even more of a hit!

Thanksgiving potluck appetizer

Head on over to Crafts A La Mode for the full recipe and tutorial. I really like this idea because it makes it look like I have really tried hard to do something for the potluck when in reality I am very behind this year and I have only just started planning for the potluck which is tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes simple and fun appetizers like this one work out perfectly. It has very little prep, and comes with a lot of pizazz! What are some go to things you bring for potlucks? Do you have a recipe that is simple and impressive?

After School Snacks: Pizza Wheels

Looking for an amazing snack for your little ones when they are home from school? Why not try these yummy pizza pinwheels? It is a fun and delicious way to do pizza as a snack. Of course it will be a huge hit with boys who love pizza and see it as its very own food group, it’s a vegetable right? Pair them with some marinara sauce for dipping and you will have some very happy (and full!) boys.

What You Need:

Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust

Garlic Salt


Olive Oil

Mozzarella Cheese


Marinara Sauce (You can purchase this or make your own)


1. Roll out the pizza dough on a flat surface.

2. Use a brush or spoon to put a thin layer of olive oil on the dough.

3. Sprinkle Garlic Salt and Basil as desired on top of olive oil.

4. Sprinkle with cheese and top with pepperoni.

5. Roll dough to form a log, and then slice into 1-inch pieces.

6. Place rolls on a lightly greased baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes or until brown on top.

7. Warm marinara sauce and serve with pizza pinwheels as dipping sauce.

Now you and your kids have a great new treat for those hungry afternoons, or pair it with a salad and serve it up for dinner one night. It also makes a great appetizer at parties! Enjoy!