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Kids Art Display

Now that all the kids are back in school we will be getting a lot of art projects and coloring pages made especially for us. If you are anything like me you will quickly be running out of fridge space, but your kids will refuse to allow you to simply put away their beautiful works of art. That is why I have decided it is time to create a brag wall, or a children’s art display. I don’t have much extra wall space in my house, I seem to have developed my mother’s need to fill empty walls up with art, knick-knacks, and signs (it’s a disease we seem to pass down in my family, I am sure my daughter’s walls will be overfilled as well). So I am looking to claim a spot in the hallway. A spot just large enough to house at least 6 art pieces at a time for each kid (luckily I only have two!) the spot is right off of the main living area and is the main thoroughfare for getting to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Therefore it it’ll get lots of foot traffic and everyone can enjoy the artwork (this is what I told my daughter to get her off my back about reclaiming my refrigerator!) there are lots of incredible ideas for an art display on Pinterest. I am excited to share some of my favorites in case you want to create your own brag wall.

Pallet Furniture DIY: this adorable and country chic look goes great with the rest of my house, so of course it is number one on my list. The pallet look is very popular right now and this is a simple DIY project that would be perfect for displaying my kids artwork. It is cute, but does not distract from their beautiful projects. Check it out at palletfurniturediy.com.
Kids Art Display

Living Well Spending Less: this is a fun and colorful way to display your kids art. It is whimsical just like the beautiful work you will display. It completely embodies the childlike imagination that we love to admire in our kids. This fun tutorial from Living Well Spending Less shows exactly how to create this fun and whimsical look for less. Check it out at Living Well Spending Less.

Kids Art Display


Simply Organized:┬áThis adorable and simple monogrammed bulletin board is a beautiful way to display your children’s artwork. It is sweet, simple, and sure to keep the attention on the artwork. Check it out at Simply Organized now and make your own simple bulletin board display. This is perfect for multiple kids!

Kids Art Display

Have an EGGciting Easter!!



Easter is coming up this weekend and many parents will have their kids home for a few extra days this week, what better way to occupy them than with a great and eggciting craft! Kids love to dye Easter eggs, but all that food coloring and store bought dye kits can be messy and leave the house stained. Many parents outlaw egg coloring because of the stain factor. So how about finding some neat ways to decorate eggs that do not include products that will dye or stain the house and all the people involved in the process? Well here are a couple of projects your kids will love that will leave your house (relatively) unscathed.

Cool Crayon Colors
Total Time Needed:
1 Hour

By substituting crayons for conventional egg dye you won’t have to worry about the stains. Simply melt the crayons on the egg by coloring right on the still-warm hard-boiled eggs. The heat from the egg will melt the wax and create smooth colors and patterns on the egg.

White vinegar
Paper towels

Boil the eggs in a mixture of water and vinegar (about 1 1/2 tablespoons of vinegar for every cup of water) for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat. Carefully remove a hot egg (parents only) and let it cool for about 10 minutes. (Leave the others in the water until you’re almost ready to decorate them, so they stay warm.) Holding the egg on a paper towel, draw on the shell with the crayons. To avoid smudging your design when turning the egg, carefully lift it from the paper towel, turn it, then set it back down. Let the design set for about 30 minutes.

Aluminum Foil Technique:
Total Time Needed: 1 hour

Hard Boiled Eggs
Aluminum foil
Acrylic paint

After boiling the eggs let them cool for 10-15 minutes. Then take a piece of aluminum foil and crumple it and uncrumple it, now coat the foil with acrylic paint. Next place the egg in the center of the foil, now loosely wrap the egg with the foil. Gently press the foil in on the egg trying not to crush the egg (parents may want to show the kids how gently to press the foil onto the egg.) Finally remove the egg and let it dry. If you want to add other colors repeat the process with another piece of foil and a new color.

Both of these decorating ideas are new and eggciting for you and your little one, so enjoy the weekend and all your eggcellent creations!

We would love to see your eggs, please feel free to share pictures of your eggcellent eggs with us as a comment.