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DIY Paint: Scratch and Sniff Paint

Now that the weather is warming up the yards are looking much more beautiful, and the little in-home artists we always seem to forget we employ are looking to get their paint on. If you are like me and you don’t always have paint on hand (it goes bad when I do so why keep it forever?) then you just might want to look in to trying this fun tutorial. Not only can you and your kids make paint, you can make paint that is scratch and sniff. Now once your paint dries you can enjoy how it looks, and how it smells.

I cannot take credit for this amazing idea. But I can take credit for finding it. Growing a Jeweled Rose is an amazing website with all sorts of activities aimed at entertaining and educating kids. This fun and unique tutorial will also you to actually create scratch and sniff paint that can be used to paint the most beautiful picture. It is even non-toxic and completely edible, so if like me you have a small toddler looking to get in on the fun it is “ok” when he very suddenly sticks the whole paintbrush in his mouth.

scratch and sniff paint

Head on over to Growing a Jeweled Rose now and see their full tutorial. While you are there you should check out some of their other incredible tutorials. You and our kids just might find some activities to keep you busy this Spring Break.

Chalk Art for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to get some one-on-one craft time with your kids. Crafts can get monotonous over the years. Everyone has the same santa hands, baggie wreaths, and reindeer feet crafts decorating their halls. This year why not try something new and fun. Christmas Light Chalk Stencils.

Buggy and Buddy is a fun website created by former elementary teacher and mom of two Chelsey. Chelsey creates fun crafts, learning activities, and more and shares them with her followers. We fell in love with her fun Christmas Light Chalk Stencil craft. It is new and out of the box; holiday crafting made new again. Now your holiday crafts will shine like new and be full of color this season.

Chalk art

This craft can be created very easily, and will be so much fun to craft. Chalk is hot this year. So why not use it to bring you and your family some holiday cheer.

Do you have a chalkboard in your house that you use as a decoration all year long? This is the perfect drawing to create for the holiday season. Just follow the directions on your chalkboard instead of on paper. Head on over to Buggy and Buddy now to get the full tutorial.

What you Will Need:

  • chalk
  • black paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • silver marker

Apple Stamp Craft

September is a great month for apples. Apple picking, apple eating, and apple crafting.  Apple crafting? Say what? Yes, you can craft with apples. It is a long-standing tradition in our household to go apple picking every year. We jar them, bake with them, and eat them. But I love apples so much I enjoy crafting with them as well. I have a few favorite ideas that keep the kids busy with the apples while i do the hard kitchen work. One of them is to let the kids turn the apples in to stamps. This is a great sensory activity for younger kids, but it is also a fun activity for older kids too.

Apple stamp craft

What You Will Need for the apple stamp craft





paper, canvas, etc anything you want to stamp

Make sure you cut the apple cleanly in half with a very sharp knife so that it has a nice flat surface.

Then take a paper pate and fill it with a paint color of your choice.

Now you can place the fleshy part of the apple on the paint plate and cover it completely with paint.

Finally you simply press the painted side firmly on the surface you wish to stamp. My younger kids love to paint pictures with the stamps, but the older kids get more creative and will stamp clothes, bags, and other fun items they wish to “apple up.”

Let your imagination go apple wild.