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Le Top: New Looks!!

Do you have a little man that is in need of some fun and adorable looks this fall? Well Le Top has some of the top looks for our littlest men this season. From their adorable fall and winter coveralls to their adorable outfit sets your littlest man will be decked out for the season with Le Top. Hurry in now to check out some amazing looks for your little guy.

Le Top Boys Coverall Junior Moto-x: This adorable coverall features a fun screen print of a fun and fearless fox racing his way in ot the hearts of all little moto-x fans. This red baby boy coverall is perfect for fall and winter and its footless design allows you to dress baby boy in socks or shoes as you choose.

Le Top: New Looks


Le Top Boys Coverall Moto-x Jumpsuit with Faux Leather Boots: an adorable footed design it looks like a true moto-x coverall with its own adorable little faux leather boots. Your littlest moto-x fan will look like a true biker in this red and black coverall.

Le Top: New looks

Le Top Boys Vroom! Motorcycle Shirt and Jeans Set: this graphite long sleeved striped tee and stonewashed jeans will make your littlest man look seasonally styled. The look is flawless, even when it has some spit-up on it!

Le Top: New looks

Le Top Boys Vroom! Bulldog Cyclist Shirt and Pants Set: Is your little man a future cyclist? This adorable little cyclist outfit features an adorable bulldog whimsically riding his bike. its perfect for a future cyclist at heart.

le top: new looks!

Baby Clothes Quilt: Recycling Your Favorite The Boy’s Store Items

This month we found something so incredibly fun and memorable we just had to share it. We love clothes, of course we sell clothes so of course we love them. We try to keep our clothes nice for as long as possible so our boys can wear them well. But what happens when our little boys aren’t so little anymore? What happens when they grow up and we have all of these adorable little man clothes that the used to wear and seemed so tiny in? Well, now you can reuse those clothes and keep them forever. So that you may always remember how adorably little your little man looked and how soft he was when you held him so close.

In our monthly perusal of the internet we stumbled upon an incredibly crafty momma named Kacia. Her blog, Coconut Robot is all about making something beautiful. She is certainly good at it with all of her sweet and beautiful crafts she shares on her blog everyday. We are so completely enamored with her sweet memory quilt idea. Now you can take all of your favorite baby and toddler outfits from your little ones and treasure them forever in a sweet little quilt. Katia gives an incredible step-by-step tutorial, with easy-to-follow photos for those that need to see what to do. We are so happy to share this sweet idea since it is a project close to our own hearts.

Now when your boys are done wearing their favorite The Boy’s Store looks from infant and on you can reuse them and complete your own special memory quilt that you and your boys can hold close for years to come. All you need to do is gather all of your child’s favorite old clothes, give them a good washing, and head on over to Coconut Robot for some incredibly easy steps to creating something you will treasure forever.

Onesie quilt


Baby Boys: Le Top Spring Styles

Our littlest boys need to feel the joy of spring, that is why we want to share our adorable inventory of Le Top Spring Rompers with you. Le Top rompers have adorable spring style featuring things that not only make up spring but also are boy-centric. Bugs. Dogs. Let’s just say they are definitely boy-friendly.

Baby Boys Tri-Color Grasshopper Shortall by Le Top: this comfortable and sweet Shortall features an adorable little grasshopper appliqué. The jumpy grasshopper is trying to spring free from the big-catcher jar and hop off to greener pastures. The Shortall is green, tan, and orange and will certainly make your little one look spring ready.

Baby Boys Striper Grasshopper One Piece and Shorts by Le Top: these green and tan striped one piece top and shorts feature a grasshopper that just wants to have fun. He jumps from stripe to stripe in search of a great spring day, and in this great outfit that is exactly what your little boy will have . Comfortable and cool your little guy will be ready to enjoy spring.

Baby Boys Family Dog Shortall by Le Top: an adorable puppy dog appliqué graces this sweet Shortall. The green and blue Shortall is easy to put on, change diapers, and comfortable for for spring weather.