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Rabbit Moon: Baby Boy Style

Rabbit Moon is a great brand for baby boys. Their clothes are stylish, strong, and withstand everything a toddler/baby will put them through. I know that you will think that it i simple to stop at your local Target when you need new clothes for a toddler or baby. After all they won’t wear them long, why spend that much money? But let me tell you why.


Do you know how often I wash baby clothes? I have a 14 month old boy. And he is HARD on his clothes. I wash a load at least every two days, even when he still has clothes in the closet. Why? Stains. Simple. Babies spill. Babies crawl. Babies fall when learning to walk. Babies spit up. Babies poop. All of these things cause stains. Now sure you can just buy cheap clothes you find at Walmart or Target and then simply buy new if they stain. But then how often are you doing that?

Wear and Tear

My kid goes through pants. Not because he is growing, but because when he crawls, walks, or things get washed a lot they wear through. Designs even wear off of his clothes. He had these adorable pants from Target with little animals on them. The animals wore off after several washes, and now they are all faded on his knees from crawling and washing. It makes it look like I never wash his clothes, or do not take good care of them. And trust me. I DO!

I have learned over the years that QUALITY is the way to go. Brands like Rabbit Moon cost a little extra but they are made with QUALITY materials that stand up to wear and tear, stains, and washing. So now I can take care of his clothes and not have to replace them as often. I also can save them and use them with subsequent babies, or share them with friends whose children need new outfits. They are worth the investment!

Check out some of the adorable looks we currently have in stock from Rabbit Moon. The styles are adorable, and the quality is priceless!!

Rabbit Moon Boys’ Altitude Hoodie

Boys’ Jet Striped Zip-Up Hoodie by Rabbir Moon

Rabbit Moon Boys’ Fine Wale Corduroy Pants

Wild French Terry Sport Pants by Rabbit Moon

Baby Clothes Quilt: Recycling Your Favorite The Boy’s Store Items

This month we found something so incredibly fun and memorable we just had to share it. We love clothes, of course we sell clothes so of course we love them. We try to keep our clothes nice for as long as possible so our boys can wear them well. But what happens when our little boys aren’t so little anymore? What happens when they grow up and we have all of these adorable little man clothes that the used to wear and seemed so tiny in? Well, now you can reuse those clothes and keep them forever. So that you may always remember how adorably little your little man looked and how soft he was when you held him so close.

In our monthly perusal of the internet we stumbled upon an incredibly crafty momma named Kacia. Her blog, Coconut Robot is all about making something beautiful. She is certainly good at it with all of her sweet and beautiful crafts she shares on her blog everyday. We are so completely enamored with her sweet memory quilt idea. Now you can take all of your favorite baby and toddler outfits from your little ones and treasure them forever in a sweet little quilt. Katia gives an incredible step-by-step tutorial, with easy-to-follow photos for those that need to see what to do. We are so happy to share this sweet idea since it is a project close to our own hearts.

Now when your boys are done wearing their favorite The Boy’s Store looks from infant and on you can reuse them and complete your own special memory quilt that you and your boys can hold close for years to come. All you need to do is gather all of your child’s favorite old clothes, give them a good washing, and head on over to Coconut Robot for some incredibly easy steps to creating something you will treasure forever.

Onesie quilt


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween batsEvery year as Halloween comes around we all start preparing for the colder weather such as sleet, snow and early morning black ice. This means looking into our boys’ wardrobe for winter items. Are those boots he wore last year so small that they need to be replaced? Does he have a couple pairs of gloves, hats and a scarf? What about socks, pants, long sleeve shirts, sweater and a jacket or hoodie?

For my family this means finding that outfit for Holiday pictures. The perfect boy outfit that looks so nice a clean during the photo shoot and becomes an every day shirt for school. This year Wes and Willy came up with two great button down shirt designs that fit that niche perfectly. I will be pairing them with Wes and Willy’s City College corduroy pants which are available in several colors. The adjustable waist and easy slide and hook closure will make these fit any boy and allow him to get dressed on his own.

If you are looking for a more formal look, we will be re-introducing a selection from Hartstrings (formerly called Kitestrings). We love this brand for their more “dressed-up” look and the quality put into the manufacturing of each piece of clothing.

Kissy Kissy’s newest Holiday design is heartwarming and will just about make any little infant boy look like the latest model for the brand. Clean crisp white rompers, one pieces and outfits are the perfect choice for a picture day full of holiday 1st Christmas Bibcheer.

We would love for you to share with us pictures of your boy(s) in clothing from The Boy’s Store.