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A Must Have List For New Moms

New Moms have so much to get ready for it can be incredibly difficult to get everything you need. Most Moms create a registry during their pregnancy and make sure to get the large items like cribs and changing tables, but what about the little things you might neglect like nail clippers? You would be surprised how important some small things are. So here is a list of some things that will make life on a new Mom just a little easier.


  1. A bassinet or co-sleeper for your bedroom. Why would you need both a crib and a bassinet? Simple. In the beginning you will want and need as much sleep as possible, and you would be surprised how much just the few minute walk to the crib one room over costs you in sleep each night. A co-sleeper or bassinet is the perfect solution to a few extra minutes horizontal. You and your body will thank us.
  2. A sleep sack. Sleep sacks are the perfect solution to keeping baby warm without worrying about them fighting with their blankets, getting tangled in their blankets, or losing their blankets. It is also the perfect solution if you do not know how to swaddle your baby in a blanket which while very effective can be very difficult to do for some parents especially with so many diaper changes needed in the early weeks.
  3. A baby-specific baby wash. Whether you are still sponge bathing or using an infant tub you will need a baby specific body wash. Baby skin is far too sensitive for normal wash. Even if it says it is safe for babies you can never be sure that your baby is not allergic to something in the ingredients. To be on the safe side pick a trusted baby brand. They also have the added benefit of coming in incredible scents that smell delicious when you snuggle that sweet baby.
  4. Baby nail clippers. It’s shocking how fast a newborn’s nails grow, and even more shocking when you learn that you’re supposed to trim them! D not even attempt to do this with your regular nail clippers. You should always have the right sized tool for any job. Especially a job this delicate. You do not want to accidentally cut that precious finger. If you are nervous when trimming try getting help from Dad, while you nurse or feed the baby have Dad help trim. Power in numbers!
  5. A tiny swing. Lots of parents resist buying a swing because they think it will take up too much room. But having somewhere safe to put your infant while you cook or get dressed is vital, they can also be an incredible lifesaver when you have a baby that needs constant movement in order to sleep peacefully. You may get tired of rocking, or driving that baby around the block. If you do not like the swing try a small vibrating bouncer. It has the same womb soothing effect on the baby and will help you immensely.
  6. Pads for the changing table. Yes you may want to buy a pretty cover for your changing pad that coordinates with the baby’s room but diaper changing is a messy business and may still leave that changing cover a little worse for wear. Most moms get several covers for their changing table cushion, but you don’t want to have to change the cover every time you change a diaper. To help save washing time getĀ  little waterproof pads. You put the square under baby’s bottom for easy cleaning.
  7. A nursing/bottle-feeding pillow. Seventy percent of new moms start off breastfeeding these days. One of the most challenging aspects of nursing is figuring out how to hold the baby comfortably, without hunching over in an awkward position. A nursing pillow like the Boppy really helps. Simply wrap it around your waist and it props the baby up for easy and proper feeding support. It is perfect for bottle-feeding as well, and helps cut back on air intake while feeding, which leaves both baby and mommy less fussy.
  8. Burp cloths, and lots of them! You will want a small arsenal of these lovely things. They are perfect for wiping away messes when feeding. And you want to make sure they are clean, therefore you will want back up cloths for when you are far too tired to do the laundry.
  9. Wet wipes. These are a lifesaver. You and baby will drop things all day. You will have sticky messes, snotty noses, and all sorts of other reasons to quickly wipe away a mess in a flash. Carry them with you at all times. Stash some in the house within easy reach. You will be glad you did, especially after that pacifier hits the floor for the 100th time today.
  10. Pacifiers. This is a judgment call. Most Moms swear by these devices. They are an easy way to soothe baby, and if you have one, you need a dozen. They will get lost, fall behind the couch, out of the stroller, and somehow always be missing when you need to find it. So if you choose to use them, make sure you have enough!

Holiday Gift Guide: Ages 2-4

Even our littlest guys need some fun things this year. So why not find them some of the hottest toys and threads available at some knockout prices. We know what’s hot with boys this young, Elmo, building toys, and trikes. So why not give them some of their favorites this year? Don’t forget to check out some adorable threads that will keep them warm and looking cool this winter.

Sesame Street Let's Rock! Elmo with Bonus GuitarSesame Street let’s Rock! Elmo With Bonus Guitar: This is one of the hottest toys available this holiday season. Parents are literally lining up to buy this for their kiddos, so if you want one start ordering and shopping now. It is available at all the major retail stores for $49.99, but Toys R Us has it with the bonus guitar for $59.99.

Mega Bloks Building Bag 80-Piece Set - Primary ColorsMega Bloks Building Bag 80 Piece Set- Primary Colors: This great set has all the building bloks your little guy will need to get started in his building endeavors. It comes in the primary colors (red, blue, yellow, and green) and has long been a favorite amongst kiddos. Let them build as high as the sky, or at least until it falls over. Now available at Toys R Us for the unbeatable price of $21.99.
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The Boy’s Store: This Week on Ebay!

This week The Boy’s Store is offering some great baby boy clothes at our Ebay Store. Now up for auction are some great rompers, tees, and pants all at the low starting bid of $.99. We have some great brands available including Sonik Jeans, Agabang, Season Tees, and Wee Golf. Sizing starts at 12 months and are as big at 3T. All items are new without tags. We love to offer these items to our favorite customers and followers. The Boy’s Store takes pride in bringing great brands and styles to our customers at incredible prices, and you cannot beat these auctions available at ebay now. You can place a bid or take our buy it now offer and purchase the item right away.

Season Tees shirtUp this week is this great “Hug Me” Long Sleeve Shirt by Season Tees. This light blue long sleeve t-shirt is 100% cotton size 12-18 months and usually sells for $28.00 but is now up for auction at over 75% off retail price at $.99 for anĀ opening bid. Rush over to bid or buy it now for $7.00.

Agabang Romper StripedAlso available for auction is this Multi-Colored Striped Pique Romper by Agabang size 18Months. It has a navy blue collar with an embroidered car on the front and snap closures for easy changing. Check it out and make a bid!

Sonik Jeans Button Down ShirtThis size 3t Beige Button Down Shirt by Sonik Jeans is also up for $.99. This cute shirt has a dot/circle pattern on a tan background.

Agaband Two Piece Pant SetThis Two-Piece Pant and Striped Polo Set by Agabang size 24months is perfect for a little guy with somewhere fancy to go. Starting bid at $.99 or a buy it now price of $9.50.

Wee Golf White PoloOur last item this week is this White Polo One Piece by Wee Golf size 12 Months. This is a great basic piece that can go well with anything your little boy has, jeans, pants, or shorts. Make a bid or buy it now for $5.50.

All our items are brand new without tags and are available for auction this week starting at $.99. We love to offer our store inventory clearance to our favorite customers so hurry up and check out our items now, they will be on the Ebay store for 5 days and 18 more hours! Have fun shopping!