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Accessories: Kids Edition

We can’t forget our boys when it comes to accessories. That is why The Boy’s Store carries such amazing accessories. We want our boys to be able to express themselves everyday with their wardrobe, even if they wear the same thing more than once, and the key to changing it up the second time is to add different accessories. Women are amazing at doing this, but boys can and should have j use as much fun sharing their personality with the world through their style. With the right style accessories they can do just that!

Last month we shared some great style accessories for our older boys, this month we want to share some great looks for the boys ages 4-7. Check out these fun accessories now!

Aviator Hat by Tuff Kookooshka: This brown fleece aviator hat features a chin strap and faux aviator glasses on the front. It is warm and adorable and will impress any little flyer.


Thomas Boys Sunglasses by Teeny Tiny Optics: These awesome aviator style sunglasses come in several different colors including ack, turquoise, and tortoise. Your little flyer will love heading out on a sunny day with these awesome uv protectant shades.


Rocky Hat by Appaman: Boys love knit hats, especially in winter. They are simple, comfortable, and still stylish. This knit hat is available in maroon and mist and has a fleece soft lining that won’t itch when your boys wear them.


Dinosaur Belt by Myself Belts: This khaki twill belt is the perfect answer to a belt for those younger boys that want to do everything on their own but still look like a big boy with style. The Velcro closure makes it easy for boys to be self-sufficient with this belt, and they still look great with the incredibly cool dinosaurs.


Dragon Flyer Backpack by Schoolbags For Kids: Who wouldn’t want a backpack that looked like a pet dragon? This awesome bag with it’s incredibly cool wings can carry all your school stuff or makes a great overnight bag at your next sleepover. 20131210-124105.jpg