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Best Boy Books: Captain Underpants!

Captain Underpants is a huge fan favorite amongst young boys (and girls!). With the movie in theaters tomorrow, now is the PERFECT time to get your kids reading Captain Underpants. Check out the books first, or head out and see the movie to get those kids laughing and yearning for more. Right now the full 5 book set is on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in anticipation of the movie premiere.

Captain underpants

The books follow two friends that create the greatest superhero in comic book history. And then they bring him to life. His secret identity is so secret even he doesn’t know who he is. So many insane and hilarious events ensue as he saves the world and wrecks havoc in their Elementary school and beyond. It is full of jokes, hilarious situations, and that kind of humor that young boys just eat up. The books have been praised as a set that truly brings reluctant readers to the bookstore again and again.

The books are perfect for ages 8-13. But children as young as 5 can enjoy it with the help of a parent reading aloud with them. With the movie premiering tomorrow it is a great chance to draw in new fans by checking out the books before, or even after. You and your kids will love the hilarious situations everyone gets in to. And you will love how incredibly enamored your little readers will become. So be sure to check them out now.

Summer Reading with Barnes & Noble: Earn a Free Book!

This summer Barnes & Noble wants to help your little one have the best vacation ever by offering them the chance to travel for free to any place in the world! After all, books can take you anywhere you want. That is why Barnes & Noble is offering your little ones a chance to participate in the Summer Reading Journal. This summer Barnes & Noble is offering a special program for all those great summer readers out there. Of course most parents and schools pick a summer reading list for their kids and now if they read at least 8 books and catalog them in the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Journal and your little one can receive a free book from Barnes & Noble’s reading list. The reading list offers several options of popular books in reading levels 1-2 grade, 3-4 grade, and 5-6 grade.

No matter what books your little one reads they will count towards the 8 books. So even if your kids are stuck on The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga, Amelia Bedelia, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or even The Lorax they can count their book towards their goal of 8. As long as they read the books between May 22nd and and September 4th they can count their books. So if you have a reader that loves to visit the library and check out books, or prefers to purchase them at a bookstore, or even download them on their e-reader as long as they read 8 books they are eligible to receive a free book.

To complete their journal all your kids need to do is go to the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading page and download the Reading Journal PDF and have them fill out the 8 books titles, authors, and have them write a recommendation for the book to someone they know. Then they just have to fill out their name, school, and have a parent signature and take it to your local Barnes & Noble and they can redeem their journal for a book off of the list.

So get those readers ready for the trip of their lives this summer with Barnes & Noble.