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Batting Practice: Water Balloons Revisited!

The weather is heating up here in the hot desert. We have had to get creative in the ways we are staying cool this summer. We decided to revisit the idea of a water balloon fight, but we needed a new twist. Thank you to icandy Handmade for the great idea — Water Balloon Baseball!

icandy Handmade created the coolest baseball birthday for her son, and we took the game idea — water balloon baseball — and turned it in to the best summer activity EVER! With just a bag full of water balloons (or several) and a couple of baseball bats you can be outside soaking up sun and busting balloons (and laughs) all afternoon.

My husband thought he would have a laugh or two and replaced a handful of the water balloons with regular balloons. The kids became frustrated when the balloon didn’t bust on the first whack. Instead they had a great time hitting the balloon over and over.

Water balloons are such a simple and fun summer activity. I can remember playing with my own siblings all summer long as a child tossing water balloons and dodging their attempts at hitting me with a balloon. As long as there is summer, there will be water balloons.

Do not forget to head on over to icandy Handmade to check out her incredible Baseball Birthday ideas and see how much fun it was creating water balloon baseball!


Easter Basket ideas: Sans Candy!

Easter is just around the corner and we don’t know about you but we are always trying to find fun and interesting things to put in the baskets that don’t include a ton of candy. While we like to add one or two of our kids favorite candies it is just too much candy to fill and entire basket, especially that early in the morning. We run in to this problem every year. Not just at Easter either, Christmas stocking are also difficult. But there is nothing that can be done other than to suck it up and find something. So here are a few ideas that just might help you get out of your funk.

Easter Basket ideas sans candy

Popcorn!! Because who doesn’t love popcorn. Go fancy and get cheese or butter flavored.

Graham crackers. These are always fun, and come in lots of cool character shapes. They can be cinnamon sprinkles, chocolate, honey, or chocolate chip too. Even flavored they have less sugar than candy.

Dried fruit. Our kids love dried strawberries and apricots. They will eat an entire bag. We love to put them in their little plastic eggs.

Goldfish. Every kids loves these, I think it’s a rule. Dress them up in something fun. Try packaging them in an icing bag and put green ribbon at the top. Now it looks like a fun orange carrot.

Nutella dipping sticks. Still sugary but not as bad as candy. And make a fun dessert after lunch.

Socks. Character socks and bright patterns are always fun to get.

Playdough! This time of year they even have special colors and containers shaped like rabbits and chicks.

Matchbox cars!! Enough said.

Silly straws!


Baseball and mitt!



Fruit leather. Many brands have low sugar or no sugar.

Sidewalk chalk!!

Now that you have some fabulous ideas you better get started because Easter will be here before you know it! Hop to it!

Baseball Vacations

Baseball Vacations DiamondNo other place says baseball as does Cooperstown, N.Y. And what is more American than baseball? Maybe making a pilgrimage to The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum is part of your summer plans. Don’t miss some of Cooperstown’s other attractions such as The Fennimore Art Museum, the Farmer’s Museum, Lake Otsego and the Glimmerglass Opera just to name a few.

The Fennimore Art Museum – presents American art and its relation to our cultural history. Collections offer a reflective and insightful perspective on American fine art, folk art, photography and American Indian Art

The Farmer’s Museum – offers authentic view of life in mid-19th century New York. Demonstrations and interpretive exhibits reveal the secrets of traditional crafts, medicinal treatments and more.
Baseball Gear
Otsego Lake – Rich in natural beauty, dubbed the “Glimmerglass” by James Fenimore Cooper, Otsego Lake is a finger lake formed during the last glaciations, the source of the Susquehanna river that flows to the Chesapeake Bay.

The Glimmerglass Opera – Evening and matinee performances run from July through August. Picnicking prior to a performance is tradition; you can pre-order a gourmet picnic from the concession stand.

Visit the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce’s website for more useful vacation planning information.