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Best Boy Books: The Dangerous Book for Boys

Boys love to do all things crazy and big. The book, The Dangerous Book for Boys, is a droll collection of ideas for boys. From building tree houses to building drag racers.  This fun and funny collection of instructions for boys is full of fun things, weird things, silly things, and important things. Think of it as a satirical how-to for boys of all ages.

It even carries etiquette ideas, history factoids, anything that a little boy might be interested in can be found in this collection. Boys of all ages will enjoy reading it and learning everything they need to know about themselves and the world about them.

The dangerous book for boys

The dangerous book for boys is almost like a scout handbook, bringing knowledge to all who read it. Check it out and discover the answer to just about anything a little boy could ever question.

Best Boy Books in Historical Fiction: The Great Trouble

Does your son dream in black and white? Does he look for danger and mystery in everything he sees? You may have the next great detective on your hands. If your son is interested in mystery novels then this novel is a great choice.  The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel by Deborah Hopkinson brings together mystery and history. It is an excellent way to not only keep your kids interested in reading, but also keeping them interested in reading and learning. 

Set in London in 1854 the book follows Eel, an orphan, and a “mudlark” he searches the river Thames everyday for things to sell so he can afford food. Like most vagrants he is constantly on the watch for a quick shilling, something to eat, and to steer clear of other vagrants. Fisheye Bill Tyler is the nastiest vagrant there is, and he is after Eel. Eel must do everything he can to keep safe, which becomes increasingly harder in August when Cholera comes to Broad Street. It is spreading quick, but Dr John Snow has a theory that can help to stop it. Eel and his best friend Florrie are trying to help Dr. Snow. This fun and intriguing tale of mystery and history will keep your boys turning pages as fast as they can.

The great trouble

Now your son can learn about the past while keeping his brain thinking fast and quenching his thirst for a great mystery. Check it out now at your local library or find it in stores. You and your boys will not be disappointed.


Best Boy Books: Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons are pretty fantastic. Tacos are pretty fantastic. Books are pretty fantastic. Put all three together? You have a pretty fantastically amazing book. This fun book will wow your little boys with its comic wit, funny illustrations, and tasty tacos.

Have you ever wanted a dragon to follow you home from school? Have you ever wondered how to catch a dragon? Well, Dragons Love TacosDragons Love Tacos. Chicken tacos. Beef Tacos. Tacos are good. If you have a bucket full of tacos you could probably get a dragon to follow you anywhere. Just be careful with the condiments, and most importantly the spices. Tacos are great, but don’t try and give a dragon a spicy taco, or worse. Salsa! Salsa is hot. H.O.T. What happens when a dragon eats something hot? Yep, you guessed it. FIRE. You just might burn your house down.

This fun and silly book written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri will have your little guys laughing all day long. So if your boys love to laugh, and love to read, this is the perfect book to add to your collection this month.