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Vintage Boy’s Clothing at The Boy’s Store

Did you know that we carry some unique and fun vintage boy’s clothing pieces? We actually have a small section of Vintage style clothes on the website. We love to share fun unique looks with our customers after all The Boy’s Store started because we felt that boys deserved to have as many stylish, fun, unique clothing options as girls do. So we try to bring you those options every day.

Be sure to check out our Vintage section. Simply click the Shop All button on our homepage, then scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up menu, Vintage Boys Clothing is the last option in the menu.

Here are just a few fun items available now.

Boys Vintage Striped Polo Shirt by Micros: this fun brown, yellow, and blue striped polo is fun and funky.

Vintage Boy's Clothing

Boys Vintage Punk Rock Shirt by Neptune Zoo: Who doesn’t want to be a classic rock n roll star? With this fun tee we can’t guarantee the talent, but we can guarantee the style.

Boys Vintage Pixel Dots Dress Shirt by Sonik: Have we time-travelled? Where’s the 70’s when you need them? Right here. This pixel dots shirt will transport you every time.

Rabbitmoon Spring 2011 Collection: Terrapin for Boys

Terrapin Twill Cargo ShortChildren’s clothes have been inspired by many different things over the years including storybooks, folklore, and even modern fashion trends. While we all want our children to look nice and be fashionable we also know that childhood is a time of innocence and fun, which is perhaps why some of designers’ favorite inspirations come from childhood stories and folklore. Rabbitmoon is a designer label that understands that fun is important in children’s fashion. This is why their spring 2011 collection incorporates comfort and ease with the folklore themes that children cherish. Each Rabbitmoon product is made from the softest blend of simple cotton fabrics, created by its talented team of in-house designers and manufacturers, and designed to withstand anything your little guy can put it through. Rabbitmoon styles are affordable, which parents love, and adorable and easy to play in, which boys love.

Terrapin Dot and Stripe Turtle ShirtThis spring Rabbitmoon is introducing their new line called Terrapin. Offered are shorts, pants, and shirts detailed with the infamous turtle from many beloved children’s stories for over a century, and The Boy’s Store has the goods. Now available are these cute Twill Cargo Shorts. These adorable cocoa shorts with green accents feature two cargo pockets for little boys that need the extra room for the rocks and bugs they tend to pick up and carry home with them each day.

Terrapin Pieced Short Sleeve Henley ShirtAlso available are these adorable shirts which pair excellently with the cargo shorts. First up is the Dot and Stripe Turtle Shirt. An adorable green to match the accent on the cargo shorts adorns this shirt with stripes, dots, and turtles. Your little guy will be ready for a day at school or a day at the park with this outfit. The green is the perfect color for any little boy; after all it is the color of turtles, bug guts, and grass, all staples in the boy world.

If your little guy truly loves turtles try the Pieced Short Sleeve Henley Shirt. The adorable turtle on the breast of the shirt is the perfect accent to this turtle tee. This whimsical shirt will not only look good on your little guy it is also fun to wear with its pieced together Henley look. It also pairs wonderfully with this Twill Turtle Cap. Keep the harsh afternoon light out of your little guy’s eyes and protect him from the harsh rays of the sun in style with this turtle cap. He will be the coolest kid on the playground in his little turtle ensemble. Terrapin Twill Turtle Cap

So this spring give Rabbitmoon’s Spring 2011 Collection a look and try their new Terrapin line, you and your little guy will love how he looks!