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Toys: Recycle and Reuse

Our boys grow much faster than we like. Just this morning I went through my sons closet and put away two large bags full of clothes he had outgrown. Cue the tears! But seriously, they grow a mile a minute and soon outgrow clothes, shoes, furniture, and toys. What on earth are we supposed to do with it all? Sometimes we have younger children and we can reuse those old clothes and toys. But most of the time we are at a loss. Some things we just don’t want to give up, others are perfect for donating. For the toys you just cant seem to part with, there is a solution. Incorporate them in to your decor.

recycle and reuse

Brisbane Kids has a few fabulous ideas for reusing those favorite toys we all love so much. They feature some incredible ideas for reusing dinosaur toys both large and small, but you can probably duplicate the ideas with other toys as well. We especially love the hanging dinosaurs. They make absolute perfect hangers for clothes and bags.

Head on over to Brisbane Kids to see some of the amazing ideas for reusing old toys. Now you and your kids can enjoy your favorite toys for years to come. Now even if you can’t keep your kids children forever, you can hold on to a little piece of their childhood forever.


Best Valentine’s Day Crafts

Are you looking for some fun valentines crafts this month? Whether you are helping your boys makes gifts for their friends, teachers, or if you are making something for them you will love the set How Does She?

Valentines CraftsHow Does She, is a fun crafty idea site that helps crafty moms share their crafty ideas with one another. Valentine’s Day is a great day to show those you love how much you love them, and what better way to do that than with a handmade craft.

There are lots of different ideas including a gumball dispenser, heart necklaces, flowers, and more! Hurry on over to learn more about these adorable ideas. We especially love the gumboil dispenser. Our little ones love gumboils an this is the perfect little gift just for them. Enjoy!


Winter Crafts: Star Wars Snowflakes!!

Winter is a great time to do indoor crafts. This winter we also happen to be celebrating the premiere of the brand new Star Wars Movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens. Star Wars fans across the world have already been the highly anticipated new movie.  For those little Star Wars fans at home this holiday season with time to burn we have a fun new craft just for you. Star Wars Snowflakes!

The Joys of Boys, a blog written by Kara the mom of four boys, has an incredible craft that Star Wars fans will absolutely love. Kara has lots of incredibly cool boy-approved crafts that will keep your boys busy this season.

Star Wars Snowflakes

What you will need:




Just head on over to The Joys of Boys for the full tutorial including easy to follow pictures!

Don’t forget to see Star Wars The Force Awakens in theaters December 18th, rated PG-13.