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Welcome Noruk!

This month we have added new items to our store. Welcome to Noruk, the American name of the Canadian Brand Nano. Noruk first launched in 1999 but it quickly became a renowned brand in Canada and Europe. Now available in the United States, the American brand features colorful and fun styles for boys and girls! From outerwear to sleepwear, dress clothes, and even an sportswear line the styles and possibilities are endless! Currently we feature a selection of their boys line in our store, so head on over to view some of the new items we have begun stocking. You will fall in love with their modern yet traditional style.

Boys Dress Shirt by Noruk: This dress shirt features decorative top stitching, is charcoal in appearance, and runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Boys Plaid Shirt with Tie by Noruk: This flannel shirt is so much fun. It has a traditional look and feel with its red plaid appearance and flannel feel, but it has a fun modern twist with the black tie. It screams fun with class and style! Runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Boys Pants with Suspenders by Noruk: Suspenders never go out of style! These five pocket pants feature the coolest red and black suspenders your son will ever wear. Suspenders are detachable, but they are so stylish you will never want to detach them! Runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Each of the Noruk pieces pair well together. So feel free to mix and match as you will. We will be adding new pieces soon so be sure to check back in for more amazing looks!

Wes and Willy: Brand New Tees

Wes and Willy are a staple around here. We cannot do without them. That is why we make sure to offer their latest and greatest every season. Right now we have some incredible new graphic tees that are just ready to fly off the shelves! They are funny, cool, and totally comfortable. Your boys will love them.

Wes and Willy Dino Dig Shirt: this red short sleeved tee features an extreme excavator filled will Dino skeletons. If you have a dinosaur obsessed boy this tee will definitely impress. Can you name all the Dinosaurs in the excavator?

Wes and Willy: Brand New Tees - Dino Dig

Wes and Willy Fish Fry Shirt: this Aqua blue short sleeve tee is full of fun, and fish. This graphic tee features a few of our fishy friends in their fried up, or eaten, state. The fish skeletons are fun, edgy, and totally laughable. Your boys will love them.

Wes and Willy: Brand New Tees - Fish Fry

Wes And Willy Do the Robot Shirt: this black short sleeve tee features some awesome robots dancing the robot. Can you dance the robot? Crank the music and get to steppin, the Beastie Boys had it right, “domo arigato mr. Robot!”

Wes and Willy: Brand New Tees - Robot Dance

Wes and Willy Hot Pursuit Shirt: check us out we are in hot pursuit of some really cool boys that need to serve and protect, and all they need is this shirt. This vibrant blue tee is the perfect shirt for a boy looking to take care of business and ensure the peace. It’s squad car graphics are totally cool and full of fun.

Wes and Willy: Brand New Tees - Hot pursuit

All of these great tees are available now at The Boy’s Store, be sure to check out our other amazing Wes and Willy inventory too. It won’t disappoint.

Dogwood: Active Clothes For Active Boys


Dogwood owner and creator Steve Springer knew exactly what he was looking for when he created the ultimate boy brand Dogwood. Steve wanted a brand that would be all boy, and that is exactly what he got. We asked Steve a few questions about his boy brand to get a better understanding of the great boy brand that parents love and kids adore.

The Boy’s Store: How did you co me up with the name Dogwood? Does it hold some deeper meaning?

Steve Springer: I wanted a real boys sounding name that would represent a fun active boy, someone that likes adventure and exploring. I had a long list of names that expressed the above comments and Dogwood seemed to fit that description in my mind. I did not want a cute sounding name, because that’s not what our style represented.
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