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We Love Our Little Knuckleheads!



We love our little knuckleheads, that is why we dress them oh so well. Now you can dress your knucklehead in Knuckleheads from The Boy’s Store. Choose from some great retro designs that will keep your little man looking hip and cool no matter where he goes. And next time he behaves like a knucklehead, well what can we say, he is what he wears! But at least he always looks good!

Gutterball Arr! Shirt by Knuckleheads: this light blue shirt with brown stripes is a total strike! Your little man will look hip and suave in this retro shirt. Pins (and maybe even girls) will be bowled over by how great he looks. You will be proud of this gutterball.

Mob Shorts by Knuckleheads: these charcoal gray pinstripe shorts have three pockets, just enough to carry all the things you need, and a comb for good measure! Your little man will want to look his best in these beauties. Pair them with a great knucklehead shirt and he will always look too cool for school.

Pinstripe Fedora by Knuckleheads: hats are all the rage right now. And in this topper he will be the hippest cat in town. Whether he is having a bad hair day, or just wants a great new look, he will love this hat, and so will you.

Baggy Buster Hat by Knuckleheads: this buster slouch cap is just as cool as the fedora but has a more laid-back appearance. Lounge around and keep cool even in the hottest of situations.

Head over to The Boy’s Store and check out all the other great Knuckleheads items available now. You and your little man will love the options!



Summertime Blues



Summertime is full of the color blue, blue water, blue skies, and blue swim trunks! Summer is a great time to enjoy the blue sky, blue water, and just have a great time in the outdoors. The Boy’s Store has some great swim trunk options for your little man this summer. This week we want to highlight some of our favorite blue swim trunks. You and your little man will love the selection.

Prepster Swim by Dogwood: These Navy plaid swim trunks have a mesh inner lining. They have a preppy style that will make it all the way through the summer with style and class and for only $16.50 they won’t break the bank!

Skeleton Fish Swim Trunks by Plaid Fish: these blue and neon green swim trunks will wow at the pool this summer. Boys will love the look and the comfort of the cool trunks, and for $10.00 Mom will not say no.

Surf Trunks With Mesh Liner by Flap Happy: Surfing is a summertime sport. It is all about the beach, fun, sun, and looking cool. With these trunks your boy will look cool all summer long.

Turtle Swim Trunks by Plaid Fish: Boys love turtles, and these trunks are absolutely covered in them. He will love the cool turtles, the awesome colors, and the fun that comes with a new swim suit.

Turtle and Hibiscus Swim Trunks by Plaid Fish: With a look straight from the islands your son will fall in love with these trunks. They will be the ultimate outfit for summer vacation. You may never see your son get dressed again, his clothing of choice all summer long will be these trunks!




New This Month: Ben Sherman

New to The Boy’s Store this month is designer brand Ben Sherman. Ben Sherman Clothing Designs is an adorable boy’s line that features an easy and effortless look for young boys’ sizes 2-18. Created by Arthur Bernard Sugarman in 1943, the clothes feature colors from the British Royal Air Force. Sugarman immigrated to the United States from his home in Brighton and brought his style inspirations with him to his new nation. His company is now one of the most popular fashion lines and is well-known for producing the Oxford Button-Down Style shirt.

Ben Sherman Batiste Button Down ShirtThis month The Boy’s Store is proud to highlight some of the styles from Ben Sherman’s 2011 Collection. This year’s spring/summer line features laid-back casual outfits fit for a day at the park, the pool, or even at school. The button-down shirt is back with some style and tees are all the rage.

Ben Sherman Music ShirtYour little guy will love this Batiste Shirt by Ben Sherman. The light blue short sleeve button-down shirt is the perfect shirt for the spring. The light blue color is accented by the fully lined blue plaid batiste design and the decorative rolled sleeve look gives your guy a classy yet laid-back look that will keep him looking cool and together.

This Music Themed Shirt by Ben Sherman is perfect for that music fan in your family. The blue/purple shirt features 9 vinyl record covers on the front in a bold graphic screen print. It is 100% cotton and will be comfortable and easy to dress in on a busy morning rushing off to school. The great thing about the Ben Sherman line is the put-together look with an effortless style. We all know boys tend to just throw things on in the morning in their rush to the breakfast table and out the door, but with the Ben Sherman collection at his disposal he can look cool and collected even if he only just threw on a shirt in the carpool to school.

Ben Sherman Trunks During the summer your little guy may spend a majority of his time in his swim trunks. A lot of boys love the feel of the cooler fabric against their skin and will trade regular shorts for their trunks in the warmer months of the year. These White Swim trunks by Ben Sherman will always keep them looking and feeling cool no matter whether they are in the pool or at a friend’s house playing video games. The red and blue contrast stitching adds an embroidered classic look to the casual trunks. The mesh lining keeps your guy cool, and the four pockets allow him ample room for storage. Ben Sherman Plaid Shirt

Your guy will love this Plaid Shirt by Ben Sherman. Just like the other button-down shirts offered by Ben Sherman it allows for that polished yet effortless look that will make dressing not only easy but fashionable for you little guy on the go. He can always look good even if he didn’t pay attention to his clothing selections that particular morning.

The Boy’s Store is proud to bring you new brands that will soon become a favorite of you and your little guy, and the Ben Sherman 2011 Collection is sure to become a staple in your son’s wardrobe.