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Hats, and Beanies, and Gloves Oh My!

Hats, and Beanies, and Gloves Oh My!

The cold is finally here in earnest. That dreadful frost is just too much to bear some mornings. If it is that cold for us, imagine our poor boys! That’s why The Boy’s Store has some great hats, beanies, and gloves that will keep your boys toasty warm and incredibly stylish. Some of our favorite brands are here to make winter fun for your kiddos so hurry in to check out Huggalugs, Appaman, and Country Kids.

Blue Star Beanie Cap by Huggalugs: this soft and sweet blue star beanie features ear flaps to keep those little guys’ ears warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days. Don’t let your little guy out without the softest ear and head protection that Huggalugs can offer.


Cliff Hat By Appaman: this soft striped hat is great for those big guys that just want to hurry out the door to whatever mischief they have planned for the day. This hat is perfect for pulling on and headed out. It is available in two options, dijon or evergreen.


Hat, Booties, and Mittens Set by Country Kids: this orange, blue, and green set is perfect for that little one on your list. They will keep your little one warm all winter long, and they are absolutely adorable!


All of these items are available now at The Boy’s Store for a great price. So hurry in and check them out now.

We Love Our Little Knuckleheads!



We love our little knuckleheads, that is why we dress them oh so well. Now you can dress your knucklehead in Knuckleheads from The Boy’s Store. Choose from some great retro designs that will keep your little man looking hip and cool no matter where he goes. And next time he behaves like a knucklehead, well what can we say, he is what he wears! But at least he always looks good!

Gutterball Arr! Shirt by Knuckleheads: this light blue shirt with brown stripes is a total strike! Your little man will look hip and suave in this retro shirt. Pins (and maybe even girls) will be bowled over by how great he looks. You will be proud of this gutterball.

Mob Shorts by Knuckleheads: these charcoal gray pinstripe shorts have three pockets, just enough to carry all the things you need, and a comb for good measure! Your little man will want to look his best in these beauties. Pair them with a great knucklehead shirt and he will always look too cool for school.

Pinstripe Fedora by Knuckleheads: hats are all the rage right now. And in this topper he will be the hippest cat in town. Whether he is having a bad hair day, or just wants a great new look, he will love this hat, and so will you.

Baggy Buster Hat by Knuckleheads: this buster slouch cap is just as cool as the fedora but has a more laid-back appearance. Lounge around and keep cool even in the hottest of situations.

Head over to The Boy’s Store and check out all the other great Knuckleheads items available now. You and your little man will love the options!