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New Look: Jack Thomas

We love to share new looks. This fun look from Jack Thomas is new to The Boy’s Store. It is fun, comfortable, casual, and perfect for fall weather.

Corduroy pants are the epitome of fall dress. They have that warm, crisp look to them. Cords have always been a favorite of little boys, and of their parents. They lend a casual yet sophisticated air to little boys that just endears their fall style to their parents all season long.

Boys Pinwale Cord Pant by Jack Thomas.

Jack Thomas Cords

Hoodies have been a favorite of the youth of America for a very long time. It is comfortable, casual, and easy. It can be a favorite item amongst boys in the colder months, after all, many boys just want simple. But dressed up with these corduroy pants that can be simple and statement all in one look.

Boys Striped Henley By Jack Thomas.

Jack Thomas Hoodie

Hurry in now and check out some of the other items available from Jack Thomas. And don’t forget that the holiday season is just around the corner. Our items make excellent gifts.


Vintage Boy’s Clothing at The Boy’s Store

Did you know that we carry some unique and fun vintage boy’s clothing pieces? We actually have a small section of Vintage style clothes on the website. We love to share fun unique looks with our customers after all The Boy’s Store started because we felt that boys deserved to have as many stylish, fun, unique clothing options as girls do. So we try to bring you those options every day.

Be sure to check out our Vintage section. Simply click the Shop All button on our homepage, then scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up menu, Vintage Boys Clothing is the last option in the menu.

Here are just a few fun items available now.

Boys Vintage Striped Polo Shirt by Micros: this fun brown, yellow, and blue striped polo is fun and funky.

Vintage Boy's Clothing

Boys Vintage Punk Rock Shirt by Neptune Zoo: Who doesn’t want to be a classic rock n roll star? With this fun tee we can’t guarantee the talent, but we can guarantee the style.

Boys Vintage Pixel Dots Dress Shirt by Sonik: Have we time-travelled? Where’s the 70’s when you need them? Right here. This pixel dots shirt will transport you every time.

Dapper Dude Duds: New Appaman Looks

Appaman is all about making clothes with style, clothes that are fun, and clothes that are cool. So it really isn’t a surprise that their new items look so cool they make us want to freeze. Their new bow ties, and suspenders are perfect for dressing up your boys’ looks this fall. Pre-order them now and you will soon be staring at one dapper dude when your little man is dressed in these fancy duds.

Appaman Boys Red Dot Bow Tie: this dapper dude dud features red and blue polka dots. The pops of color are perfect for adding a little excitement to a normally boring bow tie. This never boring look will pair well with any Appaman suspenders, shirts, and pants.

Appaman Boys Logo Suspenders: these suspenders feature the ever popular Appaman logo, the Appaman monkey, and will be one of the best looks for the fall. They are fun, funky, and functional. Your little dapper dude will be so stylish they may mistake him for an Appaman model.

Appaman Boys Suspenders: these Appaman suspenders are available in a traditional blue and grey combination. But don’t let their traditional look fool you. They are straight up style. Pair them with some fabulous looks from Appaman and get a dressy look, or pair them with same fun and funky looks form Appaman for a casual funk for a day at school. The possibilities are endless.

Appaman Boys Striped Suspenders: these stripes suspenders are available in two different colors: Olive and Orange. Buy one or buy both and complete your perfect Appaman look.