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Welcome Noruk!

This month we have added new items to our store. Welcome to Noruk, the American name of the Canadian Brand Nano. Noruk first launched in 1999 but it quickly became a renowned brand in Canada and Europe. Now available in the United States, the American brand features colorful and fun styles for boys and girls! From outerwear to sleepwear, dress clothes, and even an sportswear line the styles and possibilities are endless! Currently we feature a selection of their boys line in our store, so head on over to view some of the new items we have begun stocking. You will fall in love with their modern yet traditional style.

Boys Dress Shirt by Noruk: This dress shirt features decorative top stitching, is charcoal in appearance, and runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Boys Plaid Shirt with Tie by Noruk: This flannel shirt is so much fun. It has a traditional look and feel with its red plaid appearance and flannel feel, but it has a fun modern twist with the black tie. It screams fun with class and style! Runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Boys Pants with Suspenders by Noruk: Suspenders never go out of style! These five pocket pants feature the coolest red and black suspenders your son will ever wear. Suspenders are detachable, but they are so stylish you will never want to detach them! Runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Each of the Noruk pieces pair well together. So feel free to mix and match as you will. We will be adding new pieces soon so be sure to check back in for more amazing looks!


Boy’s pajamas are huge this time of year. Between the current sport seasons, the holidays, and the new styles available everyone seems to be on the hunt for the coolest jimmies ever. Well The Boy’s Store has got you covered. From sports themes, to space themes, to holiday themes New Jammies has the best styles for sending your little men off to slumberland in style.

A few of our pajama choices:

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: These super fun and super sporty football jammies are perfect for the fall football season. They feature an amazing pattern that looks just like a football field complete with footballs ready for the punt!

football themed boy's pajamas

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: Jammies are great for bed and space travel? Well these ones are. They are literally out of this world fun. Rocket to the moon, fly to mars, and journey through the galaxy in these colorful jammies.

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New JammiesSpace themed boys pajamas: Winter is coming. So enjoy it with these sweet winter themed boy’s pajamas. Featuring a blue and white moose pattern it is perfect for the holidays and winter.

nj3006Boy’s Glow in the Dark Eyes Pajama set by Sara’s Print: These spooky dark jammies are just ghoulish enough to enjoy this Halloween! spooky eyed boys pajamas

Boys Hanukkah Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: Don’t forget that the holidays are coming! These dreidel themed boys pajamas will make those 8 long nights a little more comfortable!

Hanukkah boys pajamas

We Love Our Little Knuckleheads!



We love our little knuckleheads, that is why we dress them oh so well. Now you can dress your knucklehead in Knuckleheads from The Boy’s Store. Choose from some great retro designs that will keep your little man looking hip and cool no matter where he goes. And next time he behaves like a knucklehead, well what can we say, he is what he wears! But at least he always looks good!

Gutterball Arr! Shirt by Knuckleheads: this light blue shirt with brown stripes is a total strike! Your little man will look hip and suave in this retro shirt. Pins (and maybe even girls) will be bowled over by how great he looks. You will be proud of this gutterball.

Mob Shorts by Knuckleheads: these charcoal gray pinstripe shorts have three pockets, just enough to carry all the things you need, and a comb for good measure! Your little man will want to look his best in these beauties. Pair them with a great knucklehead shirt and he will always look too cool for school.

Pinstripe Fedora by Knuckleheads: hats are all the rage right now. And in this topper he will be the hippest cat in town. Whether he is having a bad hair day, or just wants a great new look, he will love this hat, and so will you.

Baggy Buster Hat by Knuckleheads: this buster slouch cap is just as cool as the fedora but has a more laid-back appearance. Lounge around and keep cool even in the hottest of situations.

Head over to The Boy’s Store and check out all the other great Knuckleheads items available now. You and your little man will love the options!