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City Threads: A Look at the Label

So what’s the 411 behind the great brand City Threads? Inquiring minds wanted to know so we found out a little more about one of The Boy’s Store’s favorite brands. We love this great brand with its incredibly soft and comfortable apparel, that’s why you can find some of their best underwear lines available at The Boy’s Store, and guess what? We discovered they are even better than we thought! 

The brand is the creation of  a Husband and Wife team. They have been making spectacular clothes for kids for the past 10 years! City Threads told us they want to “design clothes that we think and hope kids will love.”

City Threads started with small. It all began with the idea of putting names of cities on hoodies, tees, and hats. While they still do this their company is now so much more than just a few city names on tees, even if that was one of the inspirations behind their name, “our friend Aaron Cowan came up with the name and called us. We loved it!” Now 10 years later you can still order their city shirts but you can also find some incredible styles.

Their 6 year old son even gets in on the designs, so you know their designs are kid-friendly! You can find big sister/big brother shirts; little sister/little brother shirts, rock and roll inspired tees, retro food tees, and super hero tees. While most of their great gear targets boys they are currently incorporating more girls’ styles. So no matter whom you are buying for, boy or girl you can check them out for some great looks, incredible comfort, and fun themes!

The Boy’s Store: Semi-Annual Blowout Sale

Guess what blog followers. We are having our Semi-Annual Blowout Sale this July. This is the most popular sale we offer here at The Boy’s Store and it is offered to our Mailing List Members only. But since some of you are hardcore blog followers we are going to offer you the chance to hurry in now for our sneak peak sale.

Shhh! It is a secret! So hurry in, quantity is limited and we sell out quickly. The sale is going on now and will continue until July 31st, items will begin shipping August 1st. You will love all the items available, some of our favorite brands are up now. Brands like Dogwood and Flap Happy sell out quickly so get yours now! You will be surprised at how low some of these prices are, so you better get your hands on some now, or you just may regret it later!

Our next sale blowout sale won’t be here until March, and that is a long time to wait. So get going while the going is good!

Looking for a secret passage to our Semi-Annual Blowout Sale? The link is hidden somewhere in this post!

Nowa Li celebrates 60 years

Swedish company Nowa Li is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. They are best known for integrating sock and shoes to make a very comfortable easy to care for slipper.

While the company has grown tremendously since its inception, it has remained true to its roots, moccasins that are practical and comfortable. In 2009 Nowa Li won several awards, including the iParenting 2009 Outstanding Products Award, the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and the Family Choice Award.

We just added a new Frog design moccasin to our line-up. The original cable-knit moccasin is available year-round, every year.