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Christmas Must-Haves: Socks and Underwear

If you are like me you use Christmas to restock on items your kids have outgrown, worn out, or lost. In this house, we do a need, a want, and read when it comes to Christmas gifts. One thing my kids ALWAYS seem to need is socks and underwear. Because after all, who doesn’t need those things! Making them a Christmas must-haves items.

My kids are terrible on their underwear. Mostly because they never take them out of their pants. So the two sometimes end up washed together. Also, because I swear they have little monsters living in their pants or drawers that are secretly eating holes in their socks and underwear. I mean seriously, who gets that many holes in a pair of underwear?

Despite the fact that we all need socks and underwear I am a firm believer in making them fun and unique. I love to choose necessities that have a fun look to them to make them more exciting. The Boy’s Store carries several fun lines of underwear and socks from brands like Country Kids, Melton, Nowali, Zoocchini, and Trimfit.

These items make excellent stocking stuffers during the holiday time, so check them out at The Boy’s Store now!

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Boys Underwear Briefs

Tiger Underwear - Boys Underwear BriefsDo you remember the times when little boy’s underwear briefs were made of high quality cotton and had a large comfortable elastic waistband?

Tiger Underwear was created to bring back quality, soft, comfortable full rise briefs. These were a staple item at many large retailers in the 60’s and 70’s and slowly were replaced by new varieties,

You are no longer limited in your choices of underwear for little boys. Most department stores will offer boxers, boxer briefs, low rise briefs, even bikini briefs, in an assortment of colors with a plethora of designs from cartoon characters to super heroes. Although you might welcome these choices the “old fashioned” white full rise brief was pushed off the shelves to make room for all these new styles.

Tiger Underwear specializes in high quality briefs for men and boys.

  • Tiger Briefs sport blue and red dashes on the waistband and are available in both single or double seat.
  • Tiger Training pants come with a thick absorbent four layer front/back panel and optional plastic pants.

Back to Basics. Tiger’s men and boy’s briefs are made from soft combed cotton or poly/cotton blend. They are full rise fitted briefs made of naturally soft yarns and non binding elastic legs and waistband. Tiger underwear brings back a retro look with a comfort for today’s lifestyle. Easy care and durability make them a great buy for all of us choosy moms and dads.